18,000 miles

Tom Davies who is 19 years old has just finished an 18,000 mile journey on Sunday, cycling around the world to raise money for several charities. The youngster has not only become the youngest person to cycle around the world; he has also raised an astonishing £50,000 which will go to Prostate Cancer UK and Carney’s Community which helps disadvantaged young people.

Money will also help 13 year old Sohana Collins by setting up support to help fight against the condition Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB) which is a fatal illness which causes the skin to blister.

Tom had to cycle up to 100 miles per day for 6 month to complete the trip. Not only did he have to face the challenge of different weather conditions, he had to run away from a group of monkeys, was chased by dogs in Albania and raced an emu in Australia.

Around 100 friends and family welcomed him home.


tom davies1


After arriving at the finish line, he said, ” I’ve just cycled around the world. It’s the best feeling.”

“It’s been a lot of pain, a lot of suffering, so it’s amazing to finish.”

“I met Sohana herself and it’s just inspirational what she goes through every day,” said Tom, who was in tears after finishing. I’ve had a hard seven months but she puts up with it her whole life. My legs are tired. It’s hard. Snow, rain, wind, hills, other drivers. I’m going to give my legs a couple of days off but I’ll be back on the bike soon.”


tom davies2


Now that the trip is complete Tom plans to study material engineering at Loughborough this year.