20 Comedy Writing Prompts

This new instalment of writing prompts is really more aimed at bloggers who write about their personal lives and experiences. Feel free to use some of these prompts or change some up a little bit to give your blog followers a bit of a laugh.

  1. Write about something that made you cringe.
  2. Describe what you were like in Year 7.
  3. Tell the story of the worst and rudest customer you’ve served.
  4. Your worst job interview.
  5. Your pet peeves.
  6. What would happen if you met your least favourite celeb?
  7. Write about a time you got your siblings in trouble.
  8. What would you say to your least favourite politician?
  9. Write about a really irritating person.
  10. Write about a time you were really embarrassed.
  11. Discuss a weird conversation you had with a child.
  12. Your worst DIY/fake tan/cosmetic disaster.
  13. Rant about another blogger/post that you cannot stand.
  14. Parody someone’s writing/song lyrics.
  15. Think about your funniest moments and exaggerate a few details.
  16. Write about a weird teacher/school incident.
  17. Write a story of a superhero who makes the situation worse each time.
  18. Freaky Friday – write about two people who swap bodies.
  19. Explain your strangest, most irrational fear.
  20. Write a list of petty things you hate and how you’d change them.