20 Weird Writing Prompts

We’re always looking for ways to help out other aspiring writers so please enjoy and use our next instalment of writing prompts. This time, the theme is anything that could prompt a really weird and creepy piece of writing.

1- You’re at a funeral of a friend of a friend and you notice that all of the other attendants are extremely cheerful and celebrating. You try to find out why.

2- Think of the last nightmare you had and complete the story.

3- Write from the POV of a diver who has five minutes of oxygen left in their tank but a 10 minute swim to the surface.

4- You open the door to your room only to find your future self waiting with a warning…

5- You die and go to Hell. What’s it like and who do you meet?

6- You find yourself trapped somewhere overnight. Where are you? A library, a museum or maybe an allegedly haunted house?

7- You get the chance to reverse one major political event from any time in the past. What does the world look like now?

8- You are befriended by an old wizard but you get the feeling that he wants to harvest your organs for potions.

9- Your mother introduces you to her new boyfriend – only there is no one there.

10- Write about the life of a person who sells organs on the black market.

11- You find a mysterious box on your bed with the label, “To [Your main character’s name], do not open until it is absolutely necessary. Regards, John F Kennedy”.

12- You suspect your friend may be trying to contact the Devil.

13- You open your curtains one morning to discover that you’re now in a totally different country.

14- You have been recruited onto a secret task force to try and discover the truth behind Area 51 in Nevada.

15- One morning, your parents come in to your room to wake you and they’re speaking with totally different accents.

16- You are the only one who ever hears mysterious noises and voices outside your window at the same time each night. Finally, you manage to look outside at the right time. What do you see?

17- Your much younger friend confesses to being the one behind a brutal, unsolved murder in your estate in which the corpse was dismembered and partially eaten.

18- You are looking through the cupboards for something but you find a jar of eyeballs that all look exactly like your own eyes.

19- You get a sudden flashback from a point in history where you definitely weren’t alive.

20- You find a note on your desk in your room that reads, “You’re going to be sorry for that time you wronged me.”