Actor TJ Miller, who will be starring in the upcoming Deadpool 2 could be facing some jail time after allegedly calling in a bomb threat on a train in early March. According to a press release which was obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Miller is accused of ‘intentionally conveying to law enforcement false information about an explosive device on a train travelling to Connecticut.’

The US Attorney for the District of Connecticut says the actor and comedian dialled 911 and stated he was on a train travelling from Washington DC to New York City and a woman on the train ‘has a bob in her bag’. Authorities stopped the train and searched for any sign of explosives, but came up empty-handed.

Miller was not even on the train, but on a different one. The attendant stated the actor appeared to be ‘intoxicated’ and continued to drink during his journey, before being removed from the train in New York. He had hostile exchanges with a woman in his car beforehand also, allegedly.

At this point, Miller has been released on a $100,000 bond, after appearing before a judge in Connecticut. The matter has been investigated by the Metropolitan Transit Authority and the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. He could face up to five years in prison.

TJ Miller recently appeared in Ready Player One and is set to return as Weasel in Deadpool 2 come 18th May.