If you fancy getting your hands on a decent game for next to nothing, you are in luck, as Bethesda’s Prey has seen a price slash this week on every platform.

It was massively overlooked when it came out last year, simply due to the amount of stuff that was released around it. The bulk of the game is spent wandering around a space station, fighting, sneaking and scavenging to survive as you’re being hunted by Mimics. These elusive aliens can change into any object in the blink of an eye, throw electricity and completely ruin your four hours of progress without saving.

You can get the game for less than £20 now on all major platforms on Amazon. This includes PS4, Xbox One and PC.

There’s a minimum of about 15 hours of game time here, so definitely worth your money. Expect a mash-up of tense atmosphere and fumbling around with the crafting systems for a bit.

Also, on Amazon, Ghost Recon Wildlands is on sale for £21.99 for PS4 too. While it’s nowhere near the calibre of the previous games, it’s still fun for a few hours. Or if shooters aren’t your thing, for PS4 and Xbox One, another Ubisoft title is going cheap Assassins Creed Origins is on for £24.99 on both platforms. Origins were marked as a return to form for the series, with plenty of good reviews behind it. Click the links for all the details.