As far as natural disasters go, the Indonesian city of Palu has had a pretty horrific ordeal. Following an earthquake on Friday, a tsunami was triggered – and it has destroyed a huge chunk of the whole city.

The earthquake was registered as 7.5 magnitude and swept through the city, wiping out homes, shops and hospitals, leaving many vulnerable people out on the streets. Due to hospitals being unsafe to enter, the ill and injured have been treated outside, at the mercy of nature.

A man looks for his belongings amid the debris of his destroyed house in Palu.

So far, the official death toll count has hit 384, with 500 people injured in the disaster. Only 95 of the dead victims have been identified so far, and it is expected that the number of fatalities will increase as hundreds of people who were expected to attend a beach festival when the disaster struck are missing.

An eight-storey hotel has been wiped out, alongside a department store, the main highway and its bridge. Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, an official for the Indonesian disaster agency, said: “The tsunami didn’t come by itself, it dragged cars, logs, houses, it hit everything on land.”

Indonesia is prone to such natural disasters due to its location in the ‘ring of fire’ amongst fault lines and volcanoes.