A-Level Results

Students across England gathered to collect their A-level results today, with data showing that top A-level results have fallen slightly compared to last year. A* and A grades were awarded to 25.9% of the students – down from last year’s result of 26% – but the number of people accepted for university has hit a record of 409,000, up 3% from last year.

a level results


The number of people who took A-levels this year has hit an astonishing 850,000, with Maths, English and Biology being the favourite subjects.

There have been 13,415 more female entrants this year, leading to 27,000 more women than men about to embark upon university courses this year.

“As a result thousands more pupils, from all backgrounds, are studying subjects that will secure them a place at a top university or an apprenticeship and that will help to secure well-paid employment,” said Mr Gibb, Schools Minister.

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