Adopt-a-Hunter Today!

This is too precious for words. Given the upcoming release of Monster Hunter World, a group of fans have dedicated themselves to helping new players, through Adopt-a-Hunter

Monster Hunter games are tough. They require perseverance, a steady hand and patience. You aren’t going to go from hunting cows to dragons in one night. A new player could be turned off the daunting grind that is ahead of them. To combat this, a group of loyal fans have created a group, whereby new players can learn from the veterans.


In a world where the majority of games are guarded by fans, it’s lovely to see such a niche community come up with a plan like this. Monster Hunter fans are eager to show new players the ropes through the Adopt-a-Hunter support group. Sign-ups for the programme are available here.

According to the FAQ, match ups will be set a few days before release.

The Xbox One and PS4 release will be coming on 26th January, with the PC release still a ways out.

Happy hunting everyone!