Apologies to Beckham

In what will be the last bit of Deadpool 2 news before the film releases next week, we have something pretty funny. In the first movie, there was a joke at the expense of famous footballer David Beckham, pertaining to how he speaks. Deadpool is here to apologise.

Star Ryan Reynolds tweeted the skit, saying:

‘Little known fact: Canadians are born with a black belt in apology.’

True to his word, he has issued an apology, in the only way Deadpool could.

Some swearing but nothing too heinous. It is hilarious, however. Props to Beckham for being a good sport about it.

To get back at the spandex-clad merc, Beckham lists all of Ryan Reynold’s worst movies, from Blade Trinity to Green Lantern.

Promo spots for the movie have featured Avengers jokes and jabs at the DC Universe. But, despite the tone of the movie, some jokes are off limits. Reynolds admitted that Fox did make him remove a joke about Disney, possibly to avoid making things awkward as the monopoly is in the midst of acquiring 20th Century Fox.

Last week, we had a cool skit from Celine Dion of all people, as she did the soundtrack for the movie. It’s definitely worth a look.

Now we wait for the reviews to come in for a round-up.

Stay tuned!