When we imagine what smartphones will look like in the future, we tend to think of wireless chargers and holograms. Smartphones have become so addictive that the average iPhone user unlocks their phone 80 times a day. However new data has shown that consumers are beginning to choose simple phones that can only text and make phone calls over smartphones.

For the first time in years, sales of phones with minimal functions (known as feature phones) are on the rise.

As we become more aware of the benefits of having a ‘digital detox’, more and more people are finding themselves taking breaks from social media and technology.

Music producer Simon Cowell recently said that giving up his mobile phone made him feel happier and improved his quality of life.

It’s not surprising then that sales of feature phones increased by 5% last year.

We are undoubtedly addicted to our smartphones and so it is interesting to see that consumers are now choosing not to have phones that allow endless scrolling on Instagram and Facebook.

Perhaps in the future, Apple will ditch all of the frivolous features on an iPhone and the iPhone 15 will look a bit more like this:

Despite this, 78% of British people still say they couldn’t live without their smartphone so it may be a while before we’re all using Nokia bricks again.