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What is a feminist? If you believe the trolls in the comments section of the Daily Mail, a feminist is a hairy cow who hates men and deodorant in equal measure. If you look it up in a dictionary, however, you’d find that it’s actually someone – anyone! Man or woman! – who believes men and women should be treated equally. Not the same (men forced to wear bras and high heels while women sweat whilst doing manual labour), but equally.

Women who want to be scientists and bus drivers? Great, let’s show them how! Men who want to be scientists and bus drivers? Also fine! Female nurse, male nurse, stay-at-home Mum, stay-at-home Dad, postman, postwoman – it’s all cool.

Ariana Grande made a bit of a fuss on Twitter this week, commenting that the double standards around the way society treats promiscuous males and females is not okay. The star, known as much for her acting as her music, went on to highlight that her status as a single woman or part of a couple shouldn’t be seen as the most important part of her identity.

The fact that this is news in today’s world is very sad, but in a generation where the focus on the looks of young women exceeds the expectations for them to do anything, any voice speaking the truth is very welcome.