The Alchemist has been around in the UK’s biggest cities for ages but it has only recently came to Newcastle City Centre. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, The Alchemist is a bar and restaurant that specialises in drink mixology. Its theme is well in line with its name – gothic, with subtle hints of dark magic and wizardry. Even its venue descriptions look like Tarot cards:

Screenshot 2017-05-07 at 9.54.14 PM

The Alchemist Newcastle feels just like a wizard’s lair on the inside. The lighting is low and decor is copper and black, and everything is marked with the triangle logo (which is excitingly very similar to the Deathly Hallows symbol). Being inside the venue feels almost as though you’re in some sort of secret location that no one else knows about from the moment you step in right until you head back out into Eldon Square.

So the decor ticks all the boxes but how does the drink menu compare?

I can honestly say that the cocktails were so impressive that I didn’t begrudge paying an arm and a leg for a tiny glass of liquid. I was so impressed that I decided to photograph the occasion to make my Instagram followers jealous.


Look how beautiful that is.

This drink was called “the Colour Changing One” and it was made from Vodka, apple soda, lime juice and “magic”, to quote the menu; I assume “magic” is another word for dry ice. They pour the ingredients into separate containers – tiny little chemistry flasks. The point is that you sort of embody “the Alchemist” and make this magical alcoholic potion yourself. As a life-long Harry Potter fan, this was right up my street. I could almost hear Severus Snape hurling insults at me from behind the bar.

The whole experience is nothing like any other bar or pub I’ve ever been in. I totally recommend that everyone try it, but do be warned: you couldn’t stay there for a full night or day out as it’s very pricey. I would suggest that the Alchemist is a start-of-the-night bar, when you’re still sober enough to be mindful of your bank balance.