Bill Cosby Case to Reopen

The retrial of American actor and comedian Bill Cosby is due to begin on Monday in the US state of Pennsylvania. The 80-year-old denies all charges of drugging and sexually harassing former basketball player Andrea Constand 14 years ago.

The first trial, June 2017, ended due to the jury failing to reach a verdict. He starred in The Cosby Show in the 80s and has faced dozens of similar accusations from multiple women. He has denied all of these, however. The start of the trial was delayed, due to one juror allegedly stating:

‘I just think he’s guilty, so we can all be done and get out of here.’

Cosby’s lawyers have moved for the juror’s removal, according to reports published last week.

The retired actor was once a revered family-friendly actor in the USA before allegations began to surface in 2015. The retrial will take place in the wake of the #MeToo movement, which has shaken Hollywood to its core over the last few months. The movement is seen as a response to the recent outing of Harvey Weinstein as one of Hollywood’s most awful human beings.

Protestors, holding ‘justice for survivors’ placards were gathered outside the courtroom ahead of the retrial.

A topless protestor was also dragged away by police.

Bill Cosby rose to fame in the 1960’s with a show called I Spy, where he earned three of his four Emmy awards before starting several shows including The Cosby Show.