The Brexit Story So Far

You will have noticed that last week was key in the Brexit negotiations for the government and Theresa May. You might have no idea why – and that’s why we’re here. This is what we know so far about the UK’s Brexit deal with the EU.

On Friday, EU leaders voted to move the Brexit negotiations to the next stage following a mad dash to Brussels by Prime Minister Theresa May just a week ago. This vote is key for Britain and for Theresa May as it has allowed us to speak with the EU officially about a future trade relationship, which we have not been permitted to do as of yet.

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Theresa May

At this stage, all we know really is that Theresa May doesn’t want to stay in the Single Market (a free trade union with the EU) because it means Britain has to accept freedom of movement with the EU if we do. So the other thing we know is that this next stage is going to be more difficult than this stage, which, by all measures, has been difficult. This is because of the border issue between Northern Ireland and Ireland (AKA the border between the UK and the EU).

On Wednesday, Theresa May faced a defeat in the House of Commons, though, as a group of Tory MPs who are known as ‘rebels’ because they didn’t vote in line with their party, went against her. Eleven MPs made the difference between Parliament getting a say on the final Brexit deal or not. Theresa May wanted her deal to be final and Parliament could not approve or disprove it. Instead, the rebel MPs voted to ensure Parliament can reject the deal May reaches, which means they will get a say on how we exit the EU.

So far, Brexit has been complex and layered. However, the next stage of negotiations will be even more so as Britain finds a way to be close with the EU without being in it. Here we go…