The Truth About the Amazon Fires

11th September 2019

At b**p we always strive to deliver the truth to our readers, and, in part, we did this with our article on the agricultural industry feeding the fires in the Amazon rainforest. However, that’s not the full truth. In fact, there’s a lot more to the Amazon fires than simply going vegan. The truth about […]

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Why We Need to Go Further Than Banning Straws

10th September 2019

We all know someone who is boycotting McDonald’s because of their new paper straws, and while it seems like a revolutionary step towards a cleaner Earth, the reality is far from it. It appears that a lot of food establishments are ‘eco-friendly’ because of this new trend, but they fail to consider the fact that […]

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How Your Lifestyle is Causing the Amazon to Burn

6th September 2019

You’ve most likely seen it a million and one times on social media. Photos, videos, campaigns and information about the Amazon Rainforest fire. Though it was a couple of weeks ago now, yet more fires have been sparked in the rainforest. Whether this is another world crisis that you’ve desensitised yourself to, or if you’re […]

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We’re All Screwed

5th September 2019

It’s 2019. You would think considering the technological advancement over the past 100 years that we, as a ‘smart’ race, could actually safeguard our future. We’ve gone from the industrial revolution – a period in time fuelled by a thirst for knowledge – to now: a time where we’ve all miraculously and unanimously decided to […]

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Is the vegan diet really as eco-friendly as we think?

4th September 2019

Many people choose to eradicate animal produce from their diet to try and save the planet. But are they doing more harm than good? Here we explore whether the vegan diet is really as eco-friendly as we think. The vegan illusion Growing crops is often not the perfect method of food production that many people […]

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