Is the vegan diet really as eco-friendly as we think?

4th September 2019

Many people choose to eradicate animal produce from their diet to try and save the planet. But are they doing more harm than good? Here we explore whether the vegan diet is really as eco-friendly as we think. The vegan illusion Growing crops is often not the perfect method of food production that many people […]

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Restaurant Review: The Bake, Newcastle

24th August 2019

Have you heard about The Bake? Probably not as it has been marked as a hidden gem in Newcastle upon Tyne. The Bake is a Lebanese restaurant and is definitely within the top ten places to eat in the whole of the north east. The Bake opened in 2011, and serves traditional cuisine in the […]

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Review: Mile Castle Wetherspoon Newcastle

23rd August 2019

4/5 Everyone loves a good Spoons, right? But with so many of them kicking around – all going by different names – sometimes you don’t know which one is best to go to. In central Newcastle alone, there so many different Wetherspoons all dotted around in different locations. If you add the one in the […]

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Gourmet burger on serving paper with dark, three-times-cooked-skinny French fries with fries in a metal bucket

Restaurant Review: Tango, Durham

13th April 2019

4.5/5 With the Easter holidays in full swing, lots of families in the northeast will be looking for places to take a day-trip to. The historical city of Durham is a great place for a family day out, and Tango, a burger restaurant located on Elvet Bridge, is the perfect place to stop by for […]

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Review: Durham’s Riverview Kitchen

7th April 2019

5/5 The historical city of Durham is the perfect place for a day-trip in the North East. And if you’re heading there with friends or loved ones, Durham’s Riverview Kitchen is just the place to be if you want breakfast, brunch, lunch or a sweet treat and a cup of tea. Situated right on the […]

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Burger King announces vegan Whopper

3rd April 2019

Vegan, plant-based or plant-powered: whatever you call it, going meat-product-free is becoming increasingly trendy – and a way of bringing in the money. In the latest fast food chain attempt for publicity and vegan-friendly status, Burger King has announced that they have a vegan Whopper burger potentially coming soon. The vegan Whopper, named the Impossible […]

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Pancake Day

5th March 2019

Observed mainly by the Christian faith, Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday, as it is officially called, is when people literally stuff their faces with pancakes. In previous times it was also an opportunity for people to empty their cupboards in preparation for the fasting of Lent. While there are a number of variations of the […]

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A week in mild amusement

3rd April 2018

Time at the bars A pair of Colombian prisoners got their guard drunk and escaped from a maximum security jail. You have to feel for the guard whose double vision initially made him think he’d let four of them out. He let them out under the impression that they were going to go and buy […]

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Chinese Anyone?

13th March 2018

Chinese takeaway meals from supermarkets and restaurants should carry health warnings, due to the high level of salt, campaigners have said. Action on Salt analysed more than 150 dishes and found some of them contained half of the recommended daily salt intake for an adult. Main courses like your standard beef in black bean sauce […]

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Wagamama In Hot Ramen

9th March 2018

Restaurant chains Wagamama and TGI Fridays have each been fined for failing to pay staff the national minimum wage. The Japanese restaurant has repaid an average of £50 to 2,630 employees, with the American style restaurant repaying £25 to 2,300 staff. Wagamama blamed an ‘inadvertent misunderstanding’ of staff uniform rules for the underpayments. The company […]

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They’re Making a Cheetos Movie

24th February 2018

A biopic about the man behind Flamin’ Hot Cheetos is in the works at Fox Searchlight, the studio behind Juno and Slumdog Millionaire. The movie, which will be titled Flamin’ Hot (good God) and will follow the life of Hot Cheetos inventor Richard Montanez. Variety reported the news today, saying that multiple studios were all […]

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Valentine’s Burger Anyone?

6th February 2018

I am astounded and perplexed. But at the same time intrigued by a McDonald’s Valentine’s Day. Sort of. If you happen to be one of the many people who use Valentine’s Day for seeing your partner and spending romantic time with them maybe avoid this next bit. McDonald’s is offering, around this lovey-dovey season, a […]

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KFC Mocks Trump Through Tweet Parody

4th January 2018

In case you missed it, Trump threatened nuclear war through Twitter and KFC jumped on the opportunity to spill some tea. Or gravy, rather. There is now a raging debate as to whether the president’s account should be suspended due to these threats. The tweet in question was: North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just […]

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Deliveroo Restaurants to Face New Rules

13th December 2017

Westminster City Council is putting some new rules in place for restaurants who lease with food delivery apps like Deliveroo and UberEats. The apps are used to order takeaway food from restaurants. Many chain restaurants use these apps in cities and are generally quite popular with younger generations and students. Because nothing beats a pre-session […]

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You Wanna Pizza This?

5th December 2017

Get it? A pizza? Like a piece of? Forget it. People aren’t too pleased with the high street food chain Pizza Hut after they ran a series of advertisements from The Sun, the infamous tabloid, known for spouting hate and lies throughout its lifetime. From lying about the events of the Hillsborough disaster to just […]

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Burritos are Great

17th November 2017

It’s not often I chat about food. Which is odd, I spend 90% of my workday eating. Whether it’s snacking on Cheddars, or munching down a Dominos for lunch. But few things ever compare to my favourite food. This magnificent cylinder of flavour is the perfect meal. Here’s why. It contains most of the food […]

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Finger Lickin’ Epiphany

9th November 2017

Last month, someone on the internet made a startling discovery. The KFC Twitter only follows 11 people. 11, like the number of herbs and spices that goes into their chicken. User Edgette22 shared this with the world to widespread shock and awe. [email protected] follows 11 people. Those 11 people? 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys […]

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Bake Off Finale Sees 7.3 Million Views

1st November 2017

Spoilers for the finale below. The Great British Bake Off finale saw a massive live audience of 7.3 million people, which then rose to 7.7 million when taking into account those who watched on Channel 4 +1. The figures come despite co-host Prue Leith accidentally tweeting the name of the winner a full 10 hours […]

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Obesity in Children.

14th October 2017

Given that one in ten young people, aged between five and 19 is obese, we thought it might be a good idea to look at how you can keep healthy. Obviously, it’s a difficult thing to do, to either admit you’re overweight or tell your child they’re overweight. Even slimmer people are bigger than they […]

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Grub on a Budget

1st October 2017

If you’re anything like me, you spend an exuberant amount of money on food every week. I’m here to tell you that you’ve been spending that money wrong and there are plenty of places you can grab some grub on the cheap. Nando’s – Hear me out. Say you’re in a group of three or […]

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Veg Boxes From £3 At Morrisons

28th September 2017

Morrisons is launching three veg boxes, the cheapest of which being £3 and said to be able to feed a family of four for a week. The boxes will be available across Britain from 28th September and will be available for order online from 2nd October. The standard box, for £5, contains 4.2kg of vegetables, […]

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Midweek Blues

13th September 2017

Bake Off is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it? The amount of innuendo crammed into the highly British show at one time is wonderful, yet highly wholesome. Well, this week, contestant Julia Chernogorova got a little bit carried away when creating her ‘Snail Under a Mushroom’ sculpture for bread week. Safe to say, […]

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Midweek Blues

16th August 2017

From crisps to Helen Mirren dragging Ivanka Trump’s take on feminism, it’s a Midweek Blues mash-up! To start, you ever read something so wrong you exhale like a dolphin that’s just been made to pick up four cards in a row in Uno? Well, someone decided to stir the proverbial Twitter outrage pot with their […]

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Gettin’ Hangry

25th July 2017

You know what sucks? Being hungry. You know what sucks even more? Being hungry and not having any food. Where is this line of questioning going? You’ll see. *Food porn incoming* According to a study, we have found a way to measure ‘hangriness’, an emotion that occurs when we’re starved and require sustenance, but there’s […]

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Akbars? More Like Cackbars

21st July 2017

2/5  Just picture it: I was celebrating my 17th birthday a week after its occurrence because my best friend, who was supposed to be sleeping over, got ill and couldn’t come. I was obviously disappointed, but I knew I’d be going out for a meal with my parents instead. I chose Akbars, an Indian restaurant […]

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Restaurant Review: Mustang Sally

10th July 2017

Ouseburn Valley’s a curious place; a part of town that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Riddled with enigmas, in this funky valley nothing quite turns out to be what it purports to be: ‘The Biscuit Factory’ is an art gallery, the ‘Toffee Factory’ certainly doesn’t manufacture toffee and as for ‘Ouseburn Tower’: mate, my house […]

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Review: Metrocentre Yo Sushi

10th July 2017

4/5 While on your travels in the Metrocentre, Gateshead, you will have seen Yo Sushi and will have undoubtedly wondered if it’s worth it and if you should try it. After all, sushi is a funny food and not something us Geordies are particularly acquainted with. The first thing to say about Yo Sushi is […]

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Review: Pizza Express Metrocentre

15th May 2017

Pizza Express has been bringing the delight of authentic Italian cuisine to the UK since 1965. Founder Peter Boizot was unhappy with the pizza in London compared to Italy, shipped over a proper oven and opened the first Pizza Express restaurant on Wardour Street. But you don’t have to travel to London for a proper […]

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Restaurant Review: Oink

11th April 2017

Yeah, it’s a weird name, just bear with us. Recently, I took a trip to Edinburgh to celebrate a year’s worth of time spent with my partner. And obviously, wherever you go, you use that as an excuse to pig the heck out and eat a quarter kilogram of pork everyday. (HA. Pig pun.) It’s […]

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I’m Super Cereal Guys

16th March 2017

You ever see something so wrong you want to vomit? You’re about to. That’s right. If you didn’t hate Nestle enough already, they defiled the sacred law of cereal. It’s cereal, then milk. No other way. Nope. And people are losing their b**ping minds over it: In the Nestlé cereal ad, they pour cereals into […]

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Are Superfoods The Way Forward?

26th January 2017

2016 was the year of superfoods: foods that supposedly reduce your risk of illness and may even make you more intelligent or attractive. While this was certainly a health craze of the last year, there is still much debate as to whether they actually do anything. So, with some help from the NHS, we’re here […]

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Is…This Legal?

18th January 2017

Boy is it great to be alive in the US right now. I’m really not sure if I’m being sarcastic here. Taco Bell, a nationwide fast food chain in America, which was ironically named the healthiest of the fast food lot, has just released its newest menu item. The shell is the chicken. The chicken […]

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