A tweak in mild amusement

10th December 2018

I dunno about you, I feel like I’ve been away a long time. I was beginning to feel a semblance of happiness before I committed to staring down this week’s ‘amusing’ news. But with my mental wellbeing returned to a satisfactorily trudging internal scowl, let’s dive in. Serkis act If Theresa May just released a […]

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Film review: Creed 2

3rd December 2018

Toxic masculinity: The movie stars Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren and it’s bloody fantastic. Creed 2 is a sequel to both 2016’s amazing Creed and also to 1985’s Rocky IV. It features the return of the latter film’s antagonist Ivan Drago, who killed Adonis Creed’s father Apollo, with his monstrous son Viktor. […]

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A beginners guide to… Creed

1st December 2018

It occurred to me when excitedly explaining the premise for Creed 2 that unthinkably, some people haven’t seen Rocky IV. Now, I’m a man who believes that Creed is enjoyable without having seen any previous movies. That said, I also recognise that a film assuming knowledge can be a tad distracting. So despite this series being […]

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Film review: Robin Hood

28th November 2018

Hey, I didn’t know we were getting a remake of Batman Begins this year. How come no one told me? Except now Bruce Wayne is calling himself Robin of Loxley and Ra’s al Ghul is Arthur from Peaky Blinders. Robin Hood is 2018’s version of that King Arthur movie from last year, in that, I’ll […]

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Film review: Fantastic Beasts – The Crimes of Grindelwald

21st November 2018

I wasn’t going to write this review. Someone else was going to have to cover this because I doubted my ability to think objectively due to my deep unconditional love of all things Harry Potter. I needn’t have worried about that. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is the sequel to 2016’s Fantastic Beasts and Where […]

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Film review: The Grinch

16th November 2018

Kudos to the genius who had the idea to release a film about a being who hates Christmas in November. That’s a finger on the zeitgeist right there. The Grinch is the latest 86-minute adaptation of a 69-page children’s book. It depicts Benedict Cumberbatch’s Grinch as he plans his dastardly scheme while Whoville prepares for Christmas. […]

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Stan Lee

Stan Lee: The Real Marvel

14th November 2018

Stan Lee was born Stanley Martin Lieber, on 28th December 1922 in the Big Apple. New York City. Home to a number of now well-known heroes like; Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, and was the birthplace of Captain America (in Brooklyn). It serves as a hub for many of his stories. With different heroes crossing […]

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Four pop stars who deserve a movie biopic

12th November 2018

Bohemian Rhapsody depicts the career of the rock band Queen and, more specifically, the life of Freddie Mercury. This got me thinking, which pop stars of the modern day should receive the same treatment in 20 years? Here are our contemporary picks. Ariana Grande For better or worse, this music megastar has had an incredible […]

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Film Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

12th November 2018

5/5 Generally speaking, biopics about iconic music figures long after they’ve passed away never do them justice. That’s why the usual gods of music are mostly left alone nowadays when it comes to biopics. You don’t see ones about Whitney Houston, Prince or Michael Jackson. However, this year’s Bohemian Rhapsody biopic about the legendary Queen […]

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Film review: Halloween (2018)

3rd November 2018

It’s finally over. My self-imposed curse of watching every Halloween film is done. The main thing I’ve realised is that I’m not so much a fan of Halloween as much as a fan of the main theme. Halloween is the third film in the Halloween franchise named Halloween… Halloween. It concerns the re-escape of serial […]

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4 budget halloween costumes

31st October 2018

It’s the designated spookiest time of the year. And Halloween parties are near unavoidable. No one wants to be that person who constantly receives grief for their lack of costume. Not to worry though, your old uncle Kieran is here to help with a few costume ideas that won’t break the teeteringly fragile bank. Shaun […]

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A beginners guide to… Halloween

20th October 2018

The Halloween series primarily focuses on serial killer Michael Myers and his would-be victim Laurie Strode. I’m going to do my best here to boil down the franchise into its bare essence. I sat through all ten films for this and that was like a part-time job in itself so by golly I’m gonna write […]

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Film review: Johnny English Strikes Again

18th October 2018

Have you ever sat in the cinema knowing that this is the final time you’ll ever watch the film? Well, now I have. Johnny English Strikes Again is the third instalment of a baffling franchise. I mean, I like the first one well enough but did we need a trilogy? It seems they just pick Johnny […]

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Four wizards who wasted magical abilities

13th October 2018

At some point, we’ve all wished we had magical powers. Well, the following individuals on this list were granted that dream and, as far as we’re concerned, squandered it. Consider the following magicians, wizards or sorcerers who majorly wasted their abilities. Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) The Fellowship of the Ring’s resident wizard, Gandalf is, […]

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A beginners guide to… Marvel films

11th October 2018

In the eighties/nineties, Marvel comics was on the verge of bankruptcy. They were kept afloat because they had the license to produce Star Wars comics but otherwise they were literally selling filing cabinets to stay in business. So for a bit of a cash boost, Marvel sold the film rights to their most valuable characters […]

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Film review: Venom

4th October 2018

Regular readers of these reviews may remember when I predicted how bad Solo: A Star Wars story was going to be. Then I ended up enjoying it and had to eat my words. Similarly, I’ve been saying how bad I thought Venom was going to be based on the trailers, plot and (chiefly) Sony. But […]

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A beginners guide to… Venom

29th September 2018

Sony’s Venom oozes into cinemas next Friday and so it’s time for a refresher course on a character whose image is as iconic as his previous adaptations have been botched. Venom As far as the actual character goes, Venom is a little complicated. He’s part of an alien race called Symbiotes. These creatures are basically […]

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Film review: A Simple Favor

27th September 2018

Or is it favour? It’s an American film so I guess I’ll stoop to that unsettling spelling. A Simple Favour is the latest attempt to do Gone Girl again after The Girl on the Train failed. It’s directed by Paul Feig and stars Anna Kendrick while she searches for her missing friend Blake Lively. Along the way, […]

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Film review: The Predator

17th September 2018

What is it with studios and the word ‘the’ nowadays? You reckon that’s really gonna adequately distinguish this movie from 1987’s Predator? The Predator is the fourth film in the franchise of the same name (not counting Alien vs Predator). It stars one of the villains from Logan and one of the villains from X-Men: […]

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The Predator for beginners

15th September 2018

With the newest film in the Predator franchise out, it occurred to me that people might require a refresher course on the series. So I’m going to do my best to explain just what their whole deal is. That way, anyone who’s interested can go in studied up with all the knowledge they need to […]

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Four worst fictional holiday destinations

3rd September 2018

I’m aware that the majority of you are just coming to the end of your holidays and packing bags for school/uni. I, however, I have completed my MA this morning and, rather than celebrate this, I felt I’d waste your time with 500 words or so. I’m looking through travel mags and airline sites to […]

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Film review: The Festival

1st September 2018

Wow. Bet the marketing team took the Friday off when they thought-up of the name for this one. The Festival is a mercifully short comedy film directed by Inbetweeners writer Iain Morris. It stars Joe Thomas as he attempts to get over his ex-girlfriend at an unnamed (clearly Leeds Fest) festival. And it’s not very […]

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Film review: Slender Man

28th August 2018

Here it is. For your viewing pleasure, the most anticipated video game movie of 2013. This won’t take long. Slender Man is a steaming pile of hot garbage masquerading as a half-hearted cash grab to capitalise on a meme from half a decade ago. It features a cast of twenty-somethings poorly acting as teenagers who are attempting […]

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4 best pop-culture misanthropes

24th August 2018

After going to see Christopher Robin this weekend, it struck me how much I enjoyed the character of Eeyore. The idea of a perpetually gloomy pessimist, I realised, is one of my favourite archetypes. We’re all hit by moments when we can’t be bothered with people and a misanthropic grump is a great vicarious antidote. Here are […]

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Film review: The Meg

16th August 2018

I was more excited about this film than I was for Infinity War. It’s a shark, but it’s really big. It’s so stupid it couldn’t possibly be anything less than hilarious. The Meg is the latest film that will try to convince you that you’re watching Jaws. Sidenote: Does anyone else think it’s weird that […]

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Oscars introduce new ‘popular’ film category

10th August 2018

Anyone who keeps up with my nonsensical ramblings on this site will know I have a morbid fascination with the Academy Awards. Despite viewing them as an irrelevant, indulgent festival of snobbery, I can’t deny I’m always interested to see what the whitest, most octogenarian film of the year was. I think it’s this perception […]

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Film review: Ant-Man and the Wasp

8th August 2018

And finally… with this… I can finally stop being mad at the World Cup for delaying releases. Ant-Man and the Wasp is the sequel to the 2015 movie which was the definition of average Marvel. It’s also the first post-Infinity War MCU project. It, again, stars Paul Rudd as the eponymous miniature superhero alongside Evangeline […]

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Film review: Mission Impossible – Fallout

5th August 2018

Finally, in theatres! Come one! Come all! See the moustache that ruined Justice League! Mission Impossible: Fallout is the sixth film in the franchise and the first to have a returning director in Christopher McQuarrie. It features Ethan Hunt and the MI gang dealing with a plot to nuke the world or something. Look, the […]

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Film review: Mamma Mia! Here we go again

25th July 2018

I have a dream of enjoying this franchise so I took a chance on it with a voulez view. One of us is loving this riff and I’ll try and keep it up, knowing me… knowing you. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is the sequel to the 2008 jukebox musical and stars mostly everybody from […]

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Film review: Skyscraper

23rd July 2018

OK, I think I owe Incredibles 2 an apology. I didn’t know how good I had it. Skyscraper is the family-friendly Die Hard. That’s it. Normally, I’ll spend a paragraph detailing the plot, some of the actors, perhaps the director. Not today, I’ve got too much to say about this mile high garbage fire. Let’s […]

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Film review: Incredibles 2

19th July 2018

Oh, you finally saw fit to release it here now the world cup’s over did you, Disney? A full month after the rest of the planet? Yeah, cheers you hacks. Incredibles 2 (confusingly not titled THE Incredibles 2) is the sequel to the 2004 Pixar film that’s better than every other Pixar film. Don’t @ me. […]

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Film review- Sicario 2: Soldado

13th July 2018

It’s at this point I realise Josh Brolin stars in three of my top ten films this year so far. Sicario 2: Soldado is the sequel to Denis Villeneuve’s teeth-gritting tour-de-force from 2015. It stars Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro as two terrible people in a terrible world where terrible things happen. These two […]

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4 films to talk about on your first day in prison

4th July 2018

We’ve all been there. It’s day one, we’ve got our orange onesie and our toothbrush. We step out into the yard but we don’t fancy punching the biggest guy there because we’re a coward. How should we break the ice to ensure a pleasant stay in the big house? The answer: appeal to the artistic […]

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4 people we hated more than the villain

27th June 2018

There are some truly reprehensible villains out there. In both fiction and reality. Sometimes though, the bloke posited as our ultimate bad guy isn’t half as bad as the slimeball in the background. Here are our picks for the characters who, honestly, were worse than the official antagonist. Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter) If you’ve ever […]

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Charts and That

27th June 2018

Another Tuesday another bunch of lists. Welcome back to Charts and That where Mario Tennis Aces, Ocean’s 8 and Clean Bandit are all at the top. First up, movies, where Jurassic World has been succeeded by Ocean’s 8, the all-female reboot of the heist franchise. With decent reviews, we’re going to guess this isn’t moving […]

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Film review: Hereditary

24th June 2018

A modern wide-release horror that doesn’t rely solely on jump scares? Next, you’ll be telling me it features a creepy and well-done performance from a child. What’s that? Oh well, now you’ve got me. Hereditary is the first feature film from writer/director Ari Aster. It’s an intense horror that centres on a grieving family after […]

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Film review: Ocean’s Eight

20th June 2018

An all-female reboot of a respected franchise? With no huge online backlash campaign against the creators? Must not be a sci-fi or fantasy property. Ocean’s Eight is the sequel and thinly veiled reboot to the Ocean’s franchise of heist films. It stars Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean, the estranged sister of legendary criminal and George […]

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Wonder Woman 2 Titled Confirmed

15th June 2018

After an image cropped up last week of Wonder Woman 2 revealing the film’s logo, production on the sequel is now underway. It has been confirmed that the movie will be titled Wonder Woman 1984 and Patty Jenkins has teased the return of one of the first film’s characters. Jenkins took to Twitter for the […]

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Incredibles 2 Review Roundup

13th June 2018

While the release date may be sneaking up on us, critics have seen The Incredibles 2 the sequel to Disney’s 2004 superhero movie, before it was cool. Here’s what critics are saying about the second movie, which has spent 14 years in the making. The Hollywood Reporter, to begin with, stated it was definitely ‘worth […]

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Charts and That

12th June 2018

Hello there, welcome back to this week’s Charts and That, your one stop shop for all things chart-wise. This week, Vampyr is topping the physical sale charts with games, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is sitting pretty at the box office and Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris are still at number one for the 9th week […]

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Film review- Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

7th June 2018

I tell you what they didn’t half waste Jeff Goldblum. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is the sequel to the 2015 megahit which was itself the fourth in the Jurassic Park franchise. In this film, the heroes need to evacuate dinosaurs from an exploding island and get them to a safe haven. And obviously, at some […]

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4 worst universes to move to

7th June 2018

With all that’s going on in our world, it’s easy to see the grass as greener on the other side. Trump, Brexit and the incoming barrage of tweets concerning Love Island are enough to make me want to steal Rick’s portal gun and jump ship. That said though, we could definitely have it worse. Here […]

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4 Sidekicks who are better than the hero

3rd June 2018

It’s a thankless job being a sidekick. You have to go through the same adversity the protagonist does and at the end of it, all you get is a lousy pat on the head and (in Chewbacca’s case) not even a medal. What the hell Leia? For your viewing pleasure, here’s our list of sidekicks […]

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4D is terrible and bad

31st May 2018

Something a tad different this week. Because Solo, Deadpool and Infinity War are still stomping all over the box office, there are no new releases I’m interested in seeing. And I’m not seeing Show Dogs or Sherlock Gnomes and you can’t make me. So there. With that in mind, I thought I’d give my thoughts […]

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Film review: Solo

30th May 2018

Look. I’ve made no bones about the fact I found the idea of this film pointless and cash-grabby. Guess I should book a table and get my fork out because I’m about to eat humble pie with a side of crow. Solo: A Star Wars Story (really? They’re persisting with that subtitle?) is the latest […]

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Characters that deserve their ‘own’ movie

25th May 2018

Han Solo: Solo: A Solo Star Wars Story, is opening this week. In honour of this, I felt I should highlight some similar characters in pop-culture who similarly deserve to have their story expanded upon. Who knows, maybe one day these too could be the subject of their very own unnecessary cash-grab prequel. Supreme Leader […]

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Two for One Movie News

24th May 2018

What up, we have two stories that we’re going to mush into one. Mission Impossible got its latest trailer and The Lego Movie is getting a sequel! Sweet. Starting with Tom Cruise’s longest-running acting gig, Mission Impossible is getting its sixth film in the series. Mission Impossible: Fallout has had a new international trailer and […]

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The worst superhero roommates

20th May 2018

Many of us know the struggle of trying to organise friends into finally getting the deposit down on that flat. The search for housemates at uni is arduous and taxing. Except for council-tax, obviously. It’s understandable why some impressionable young people would decide: “you know what, screw it. I’m gonna live with a superhero”. I […]

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John Wick 3 Teased on Twitter

19th May 2018

Last week, it was reported that John Wick would be returning to screens in Chapter 3 and had started filming. It will be released exactly a year from now in May 2019. A short teaser was tweeted to herald its coming. That was a weird sentence. It essentially just features Keanu Reeves as Wick looking […]

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Film review: Deadpool 2

17th May 2018

I’d like to do a fourth wall breaking joke here where I talk directly to the reader referencing pop-culture. But I sort of do that anyway so… Hi everyone… the spice girls were good weren’t they? Deadpool 2 is the sequel to 2016’s unexpected box-office steamroller and features more of the trademark shtick. Irreverent humour, […]

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