Michael Owen and Alan Shearer Spat Explained

12th September 2019

Michael Owen and Alan Shearer are two of the greatest forwards of their days, with the latter being the Premier League’s all-time top goal-scorer, finding the back of the net 260 times over the course of his career. Of those 260, one hundred and forty-eight came for his home club, Newcastle United. It’s clear that […]

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MPs to force No. 10 to release texts

10th September 2019

In a shock move last night, MPs voted to force the government to release some of their no-deal planning documents and private messages from No. 10 officials. The vote came as the fifth defeat of five votes within a week for Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It also followed the resignation of former Work and Pensions […]

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Missing Children and the Media

16th August 2019

With the recent disappearance of Nora Quoirin, there has been a great deal of publicity on news channels to aid the Quoirin family in their quest to find Nora. As much as such press can drastically increase the likelihood for a missing person to be found, for me it has always raised the question as […]

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McDonald’s paper straws can’t be recycled

6th August 2019

Fast food giant McDonald’s has come under fire after it was revealed that their self-proclaimed “eco-friendly” paper straws cannot be recycled. Just last year McDonald’s ditched plastic straws in aid of helping with the environmental crisis. It led the way for other companies – big and small – to scrap their plastic straws too. In […]

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Molly-Mae Online Abuse is too Far

4th August 2019

Love Island finished earlier this week and has left us with nothing to do when it hits 9pm these days. Though it seems that horrid Twitter and Instagram trolls have found a way of busying themselves – by harassing star Molly-Mae Hague who placed second in last Monday’s final. Molly-Mae, who was coupled up with […]

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Review: Cineworld Newcastle

4th August 2019

4.5/5 It’s not often you go to the cinema and actually rate the venue itself rather than the film. However, I was so impressed by Cineworld Newcastle upon Tyne in The Gate that I thought I’d give it a review. For way too long in Newcastle, we’ve been stuck with Odeon – the German cinema […]

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The Truth About Reality TV

29th July 2019

Reality TV is a massively popular genre, with shows such as Love Island attracting millions of viewers for each episode. For many, it’s rapidly becoming a tradition to spend time on an evening watching our favourite programmes. But is our fascination with reality TV as innocent as it appears? As it becomes even easier to […]

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Five tips to fight your hay fever

25th July 2019

It is estimated that hay fever affects 10 million people in England. As a hay fever sufferer, I know that there is nothing worse than seeing everyone else enjoy the glorious sunshine while your nose runs and your eyes itch. To help the 10 million that spend their summer sniffing and rubbing their eyes to […]

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Boris Johnson announced as prime minister

23rd July 2019

It was announced this morning that Boris Johnson is to be Britain’s next prime minister. Johnson, who was always tipped to win the Conservative leadership race, beat opponent Jeremy Hunt in a ballot of Tory members. During his campaign, he was endorsed by a number of high-profile Conservative MPs, including Jacob Rees-Mogg, Michael Gove and […]

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FaceApp Could be Spying on You

18th July 2019

A privacy warning has been issued regarding the latest social media craze: FaceApp. The app, which allows users to submit pictures of themselves to have changed to make them look elderly, was developed in 2017 but has only just gone viral. Celebrities such as Drake and the Jonas Brothers have taken part in the craze, […]

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Watch: Naomi Campbell’s plane cleaning routine

17th July 2019

We’ve all been there before. You’re sitting on the plane waiting to go on holiday and you can just sense the grime. That fold-up tray in front of you? Dirty. The space between chairs? Vile. Those laminated sheets in case of an emergency? I wouldn’t pick them up either. That’s why Naomi Campbell’s extreme plane […]

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Trump ‘Go Home’ Comments Explained

16th July 2019

US President Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy. However, his latest Twitter comments have caused a stir among people and politicians alike due to their racist nature. In a three-thread tweet on Sunday, Trump said that four Congresswomen of colour who have been extremely criticial of his administration, should “go back and help fix […]

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Alan Turing to feature on £50 note

15th July 2019

The Bank of England has announced that wartime codebreaker Alan Turing is to be featured on the new £50 note. Turing, who was famously portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game, cracked the German Enigma code which was key to the Allies’ victory in World War Two. The mathematician was chosen from a list […]

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89-year-old returns to nightclub where she found love

14th July 2019

An 89-year-old woman has returned to the nightclub where she found love and met her husband in Nottingham. 69 years ago, Mary Edgson met her late husband Dennis at what is now the Pryzm nightclub in the university city. Mrs Edgson sat in a booth in the club listening to a special DJ play Vera […]

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Rotterdam: City of the future

10th July 2019

In recent years Architects have labelled Rotterdam as ‘the city of the future’. It is home to exciting new technological advancements and it is constantly developing new ways of living sustainably One example of Rotterdam’s innovation is the floating farm that opened earlier this year. It is a prime example of urban sustainability; The farm […]

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Tommy Robinson begs US for asylum

9th July 2019

Far-right, anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson has appeared in a video asking US President Donald Trump for political asylum. Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was found guilty of contempt of court for the second time last week and now faces jail. The verdict came after the EDL founder live-streamed himself confronting men accused of […]

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Putin official poses nude for Playboy, loses job

5th July 2019

A state official in Vladimir Putin’s government has allegedly been fired after she posed nude for Playboy. 27-year-old Anna Anufrieva is said to have caused “public discord” across Russia with her photos due to her position in the government’s civil service. Her photos were entered in Playboy’s Woman of the Year competition in the hope […]

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Labour MP leaves son at No. 10 amid school cuts

5th July 2019

Labour MP Jess Phillips yesterday left her son at Number 10 Downing Street during a protest about school cuts in her constituency in Birmingham. King’s Heath Primary in Birmingham told parents that due to budget cuts, they would be closing their doors to students on Friday afternoons. The decision sparked fury among parents in the […]

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Why Boris Johnson just can’t be PM

3rd July 2019

As we inch ever-closer to discovering just who will win the Conservative Party leadership race, and thus become Britain’s next prime minister, there’s something seriously bothering me. It has everything to do with the teriffying thought of Boris Johnson becoming PM. You might think that this is terrifying to me – and, I’m sure, millions […]

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Alex From Glasto: A True Legend

3rd July 2019

Glastonbury Festival is usually a place headlines are made – and this year’s festival was no exception. With artists such as The Killers, Kylie, Miley Cyrus and many more making an appearance on the legendary Pyramid Stage, Glasto made the headlines this year to say the least. But so did a young man named Alex, […]

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BNOCs: important or irrelevant?

26th June 2019

When you go to university, you expect to leave behind the pettiness of popularity and status in school. No more should there be a popular group or popular people; there’s no need for the ‘cool’ group or the important group. Or so you think. Suddenly when you go to uni, the importance of popularity can […]

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7 things I learned in my first year of uni

26th June 2019

First Year is one of the most important years of your life – even if it is mostly irrelvant to your actual degree. It is a year of so much change, personal growth, academic challenge and it is a year in which you can either flop or surivive. Some people are swallowed whole by freshers’ […]

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A Basic Overview: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

17th June 2019

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a long-term disorder, primarily defined by persisting extreme tiredness that can’t be relieved by sleep, that isn’t related to other disorders. The main symptom is persistent tiredness and a general unwell feeling: however, there are other symptoms including: Headaches Sore joints and muscles A sore throat Problems thinking, remembering or […]

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Film review: Godzilla: King of the Monsters

12th June 2019

Of all the attempted cinematic universes trying to copy Marvel, who would have thought Godzilla and King Kong would be the ones to succeed. Godzilla: King of the Monsters is the sequel to the 2014 Godzilla movie which everyone either thought was great or boring. I thought it was both. This time around, it stars […]

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Philippines Adopt Tree Planting into Education

10th June 2019

The House of Representatives in the Philippines has passed a bill which requires all students leaving primary school, high school and further education to plant at least ten trees in order to graduate. The bill which has been titled the “Graduation Legacy for the Environment Act” was passed after its third reading. The students can […]

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Song Review: Katy Perry’s ‘Never Really Over’

5th June 2019

Pop sensation Katy Perry has been quiet for a bit recently, though her personal life hasn’t been. Since the release of her last album Witness, Perry has been a judge on hit TV show American Idol, gotten engaged to Orlando Bloom and released two singles, 365 and Never Really Over. Perry’s latest single Never Really […]

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Sign next to deserted road with arrows pointing left and right

The Difficulty of Decisions

4th June 2019

Whether it’s a new job, a relationship or even deciding what you’d like from the midweek Happy Hour menu, decision making can be difficult. According to scientists at Cornell University, adults make up to 35,000 remotely conscious decisions a day, depending on their level of responsibility. It can often seem like there’s a lot at […]

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A Basic Overview: Bipolar Disorder

28th May 2019

Bipolar Disorder – otherwise known as Manic Depression- is a lifelong disorder that causes extreme episodes of mania and depression. A complex mix of physical and social factors are thought to cause the disorder, including a chemical imbalance in the brain, genetics and physical triggers, like an abusive relationship or another mental illness. Symptoms of […]

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busy school canteen with teachers helping students at lunch

School Dinner Services: Could Do Better?

24th May 2019

School dinner halls aren’t particularly good at catering for everyone. With growing trends in veganism and vegetarianism and the presence of allergies and intolerances, it can be hard to suit everyone’s diets, but this needs to be done! Veggies and Vegans Bottom line: if you’re a vegan wanting to use a school dining hall, you’re […]

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Abortion: Is it really a man’s decision?

23rd May 2019

Abortion. An extremely controversial topic. Many states in America are trying to pass laws that ban abortion and stop women from being able to have a choice. This would mean that some young rape victims would be forced to keep their baby, forced to be a parent, forced to give up their education and possibly […]

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The Commercialism of the Goth Subculture

23rd May 2019

In the ’80s, a subculture formed out of the Post-Punk scene; this was the foundations of Goth (with its inspirations from the 18th-century writing, artistic and aesthetic genre). Throughout the ’90s, the Goth scene would grow and grow more until it became a sensation. Goth clothing brands started forming and the dawn of the “Internet […]

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Impact of climate change

How to Save the World

22nd May 2019

Why is the world dying? How has the atmosphere changed, and how is it changing still? What ways can we reduce greenhouse gas emissions? How long do we have to save the world from irreversible damage? The simple answer to that last one: just over a decade. That is exactly why everyone needs to contribute […]

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UK Shrimps Testing Positive For Cocaine

21st May 2019

Researchers from King’s College London and and the University of Suffolk have made a shocking discovery about freshwater shrimp populations in Suffolk. While testing for evidence of chemical micro-pollution in rural England, researchers found traces of cocaine, ketamine and banned pesticides in all 15 samples they collected. The findings were surprising, given that the sample […]

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Hello in different languages

Tips for Learning a Language

17th May 2019

Learning a language is a fantastic way to expand your world and also improve your memory and cognition. A few weeks ago, I began learning Japanese, and I have some tips that may help you if you are thinking of also learning a new language. Don’t pay someone to teach you what you can teach […]

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Man stands facing mirror and looks in reflection to back facing him

Mental Health Awareness Week

16th May 2019

For those of you who didn’t know, it is currently Mental Health Awareness Week. Running from 13th-19th of May, it’s a chance for us to really consider where we’re at regarding the issue both individually and as a global community. Mental health needs to be addressed like any other health concern, and as long as […]

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Women protest with pickets during feminist movement

Feminism: Ignored or Provoked by the Media?

14th May 2019

It was the summer of 2015. My family and I were on our annual road trip and we had just visited London. As we were on our 6-hour journey coming back home, we noticed that there was a huge traffic jam and commotion occurring on the main road we were travelling on. The reason? A […]

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The Smartest Countries in the World

10th May 2019

As humans, we’ve accomplished a lot of great things throughout the course of history. Questions asked are now answered faster than the speed of light, and with the recent 30th Anniversary of the internet, technology has never been more advanced! However, there are some countries who surpass the intelligence of your everyday person, and maybe […]

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A week in mild amusement

30th April 2019

Who’s your Baghdadi The leader of Islamic State has appeared in a video for the first time in five years. His newest release declared war on the infidel western world and all of its wretched citizen’s suckling at the teat of heathen democracy before urging viewers to like and subscribe and click the bell icon […]

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What Annoyed the Internet This Week?

27th April 2019

Greta Thunberg is without a doubt one of the most incredible teenagers to exist today. She has the backing of other well known environmental activists and conservationists including David Attenborough, as well as thousands of schoolchildren who took part in her strikeforclimate and seemingly most of the internet. Oh and she’s been nominated for a […]

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Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris ablaze

Rebuilding Notre Dame

17th April 2019

Over the past few days, the world has stood alongside Paris in mourning over the tragic fires which have destroyed major parts of the Notre Dame Cathedral in one of the capital city’s central districts. Notre Dame: A Tragedy Politicians, celebrities and public figures have sent their condolences alongside kind words to a nation in […]

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Zoomed in image of a doctor holding stethoscope pointing towards the camera with only face mask visible of face. On the base of the stethoscope is written 'heart beat'

Are Trans People more Prone to Heart Attacks?

16th April 2019

An American study has found that transgender men and women are significantly more likely than cisgender people to suffer from a heart attack. Transgender Men and Women The study was published in Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes and is the first of its kind to explore the connection between being transgender and having an increased risk […]

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3 Trilogy endings that aren’t actually that bad

13th April 2019

Hollywood ruddy loves a trilogy. It’s a cool word that people remember the meaning of. Think you know what a four movie series is called? A quadrilogy right? Wrong. It’s a tetralogy and honestly who has time to remember that. Second off, two is the smallest number needed to establish a pattern and so the […]

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Emojis superimposed on people's heads who are standing on their phones. From left to right: wink emoji, purple devil emoji, cry emoji.

The Meaning Behind Emojis

10th April 2019

Emojis have effectively become a language of their own, with people using them to communicate thoughts, emotions and even ideologies. If you think about it they are probably, in many respects, one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the world of dating apps. Messages going […]

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Anime characters of Gunvolt with main character in the centre

Hidden Gems: Azure Striker

9th April 2019

Despite the name, Azure Striker Gunvolt is not about a blue-green football player. It’s actually a fast-paced action-platformer about a superpowered secret agent. It also happens to be pretty amazing. Originally released on the 3DS, the game and its sequel, along with all of the DLC, were later re-released on Nintendo Switch under the rather […]

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Cop Gets Off On Feeding Homeless Faeces Sandwich

8th April 2019

A police officer from Texas who gave a homeless man a dog faeces sandwich has had his dismissal overturned because of a technicality. San Antonio bicycle patrol officer Matthew Luckhurst won his appeal to have his termination reversed based on a technicality in the law which states that law enforcement cannot discipline an officer for […]

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Merkel: Germany stands with Ireland

5th April 2019

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that in the Brexit negotiations, Germany stands with Ireland “every step of the way”. The revelation comes after Ms Merkel’s talked with Leo Varadka, the Irish prime minister, in Dublin yesterday. It is understood that the talks surrounded the issues with the current Brexit deadlock in Parliament. One of […]

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The World’s Most Expensive Divorce

5th April 2019

The world’s richest man, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, has managed to settle the world’s most expensive divorce this week. Worth at least $35 billion – the equivalent to £27 billion – the divorce beats the previous record set by art dealer Alec Wildenstein and wife Jocelyn, which was settled for $3.8 billion. Bezos […]

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Cartoon depicting vikings on the right attacking the shores of Britain on the left, with a map between them

British Gods: The Viking Invasion Part 2

4th April 2019

This article is a continuation from the attack on Lindisfarne, the first place the Viking’s landed in Britain. However, over the next 300 years many other places were attacked by the heathens of Scandinavia. This period of history was one of turmoil for the English, and had lasting effects on British culture, geography and language. […]

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Is Leaving Neverland Inaccurate?

4th April 2019

Leaving Neverland was the documentary that had apparently taken pop king Michael Jackson to court, convicted him and thrown away the key. However, the director of the four-hour documentary shown on Channel 4 in the UK has come forward and said that one of the accusor’s dates are inaccurate. Director Dan Reed admitted that James […]

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Brunei to punish gay sex with death

4th April 2019

The southeast Asian kingdom of Brunei has brought in a new law against gay sex that makes it punishable by stoning to death. Brunei has had very strict views on homosexual relations for many years as part of their devout Islamic culture. The latest move to use such barbaric punishment comes as Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah […]

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