The Top 10 Healthiest Cities in the World

14th August 2018

Your health and fitness can be determined by a surprising number of factors including your age, financial status and even the city you live in. A survey conducted by Spotahome showed which cities are home to the healthiest people in the world. Health was measured using ten factors including work-life balance, amount of fast food […]

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7 Ways to Know Your House Is Haunted

12th August 2018

Whenever you watch Most Haunted or some other ghost hunter TV show, the spirits and ghosts are always found in creepy places by people whose sanity is a bit questionable. These shows usually feature some middle-aged American lady with a perm and possessed looking eyes telling us all about how they have a ghost named […]

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The Madness of Buying New Cars

9th August 2018

The Madness of Buying New Cars Car Depreciation. If you’re in the market for a new (or even a first) motor then those are two words you need to get in your head. Sometimes we lack the foresight to consider the effects of vehicle depreciation. Either we expect to keep the car longer than we […]

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Marijuana Makes You Lack Foresight

8th August 2018

There’s a reason why the stereotypical movie stoner looks a bit like this: When people think of the average stoner, they think of lazy teenagers who bunk off college or work to sit around with their make-shift bongs all day. To many cannabis users, this a really common misconception but latest research has shown that […]

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Airport Lounge Passes – Are They Worth it?

5th August 2018

Airport Lounge Passes – Are They Worth it? Passing through a busy airport is not an enjoyable experience by anyone’s standards. They’re congested, confusing and unwelcoming, and the worst of it is that they’re vicious money-making machines. In busier airports, you are more likely to be held in the airport due to delays or feel […]

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Historical Northeast: Bridge over the River Tyne

2nd August 2018

At 30 million years old, the Tyne is the second oldest river in the UK; beaten only by the Thames. For almost 2000 years, humans have been building bridges that span the width of the river. The Tyne Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks of the Northeast. At a height of 194ft, it […]

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87% of the World’s Ocean Damaged by Man

1st August 2018

The fact that humans are destroying the Earth is old news. For decades we’ve pumped out toxic gases into the atmosphere, demolished mile after mile of habitat and filled the ocean full of rubbish. However what is new information is the scale to which man is destroying the world’s ocean. Research lead by Kendall R […]

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Stand-Out CVs

30th July 2018

Finding and securing a job is one of the most frustrating experiences. Ultimately and despite what people with rich parents say, it all boils down to luck unless you have tons of connections. If you’re not in the right place at the right time, you may miss opportunities or not have the right interactions. For […]

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20th July 2018

If you’ve been relaxing outdoors in this hot weather you may want to start taking a fly swatter with you. More and more people in the UK are being treated in hospital because of bites. While most insect bites seem trivial and nothing much more sinister than just being itchy and annoying, bites from some […]

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B**P REWIND: The Problem With Spell Checkers

19th July 2018

Picture the scene:  Armed with your ‘special occasion’ stationery and favourite writing paper, you’re approaching the end of another arduous English essay, embellishing it with your finest joined up writing – that you spent 6 years learning in primary school – and festooning it with the type of adjectives one could only dream of, when […]

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Conceiving in Winter reduces obseity

18th July 2018

Everything a mother does during and before pregnancy typically has a huge effect on a baby’s future. However, factors surrounding the father in the moments before conception have been shown to have an impact on the likelihood of their offspring becoming obese. In a study published by Nature Medicine, the research found that men who […]

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Why You Need to Wrap Your Car Keys in Tinfoil

17th July 2018

Car technology is getting more and more intelligent by the day and unfortunately, so are criminals. A new form of car theft/robbery has come about meaning criminals can open your car door without even using touching it. This is known as a relay attack and it involves thieves hacking wireless car keys. Put in simple […]

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Heatwaves Make Us Dumb

16th July 2018

It’s pretty much impossible to function like a normal human being during a heatwave. Currently, the weather in the UK is abnormally hot and unmanageable for a nation that is used to constant cold to mild conditions. Not only does this extreme heat make us feel sweaty and bothered, according to science it may be […]

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A ginger’s guide to the sunny weather

28th June 2018

I’m not saying I wish the sun would get lost. But as one of those blessed with ginger locks, I sort of wish the sun would get lost. It’s not a stereotype that at least a large portion of we who are kissed by fire, don’t tan. We make an almost instantaneous transition from two […]

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Catfish Resumes

27th June 2018

After allegations of sexual misconduct against were deemed not credible, Nev Schulman has been able to resume production of his hit MTV show Catfish. Filming of the series had been put on hold while the network investigated the allegations. Ayissha Morgan, a guest on season 4 of the show, made a YouTube video claiming that […]

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Curing the Midweek Blues

20th June 2018

No one likes vegetables or salad as a child. Sprouts are nasty bitter balls of green. Cabbage tastes like water and tomatoes are so nasty you walk around with them in your mouth, so you can spit them in the bin. Seriously. I did that as a child. This week’s edition takes us to Canada, […]

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Mind-related words in a complex pattern of synapses

Coping with Anxiety: The Thought Process

20th June 2018

Anxiety is something everyone feels occasionally, although for those struggling to cope it can be extremely debilitating. Whether we blame society, technology or lifestyle choices, the sheer complexity of the human brain means we’re very much in-the-dark about how the mind works. The Power of Thoughts They say knowledge is power, and this is no […]

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Why Do We Hate the Sound of Our Own Voice?

14th June 2018

Only complete narcissists can stand the sound of their own voice on recordings. Most people absolutely cringe when they watch videos of themselves talking and there’s a reason why. Hating your own voice is a curious phenomenon really, especially when you consider that you’ve heard yourself talk more than anyone else. So why is it […]

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The Newcastle comedy scene

11th June 2018

With Consett-born comic Lee Ridley (Lost Voice Guy) the freshest face on the mainstream comedy circuit, Newcastle comedy is in the spotlight. But Lee has been known widely amongst comedy-going audiences in Newcastle for years. So we’re here to answer the question of where you go in the city to see the newest and best […]

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Solitude is not loneliness

6th June 2018

Look, I’m not the type for a hugely introspective dive into my own psyche. I sort of just wander around the world hoping that I won’t be hit by a bus by the time I go to bed. Something I do wish to clarify though, on behalf of others who may be like me, is […]

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Stand up for yourself: Audience interaction.

24th May 2018

Despite how smugly pleased I am with the title I came up with for this column, I rarely do it. Because, as still a new stand-up, I don’t really feel it’s my place to give advice on something I’m still figuring out. That said, every time I have a bit of a breakthrough, I can’t […]

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How To Revise With a Cold

24th May 2018

For many GCSE/A-level/university students, the exam period can be the most stressful of the year. As if hours of revision wasn’t hard enough, the unlucky few among us can sometimes can catch one of those irritating minor illnesses during this crucial time. Something like a cold isn’t enough to be excused or have special circumstances […]

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3 Podcasts you should listen to (besides ours)

9th May 2018

The first Beep podcast was released last week and I was honoured to be chosen as the host. The show is the audible adaptation of my regular A Week in Mild Amusement column. Unlike that column though, it features THREE people desperately trying to be funny instead of just me. With this occasion, I felt […]

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What Annoyed the Internet Last Week?

8th May 2018

This week’s ‘what annoyed the Internet’ is a little TMI but it has sparked up a debate about sexual expectations of men and women. It all started with this video of DJ Khaled: ok so I'm convinced he has the mind of a teenage boy — Got Student Loans Homie Quan (@howcomeyousmell) May 4, […]

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How to Memorise Effectively

24th April 2018

The human memory is an amazing yet unpredictable thing. You may remember a totally irrelevant conversation from 10 years ago word perfectly, but you can’t remember any of the speech you spent hours revising yesterday. The frustrating thing about memorisation is that it often doesn’t matter how much you try to remember something- it’s all […]

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Top 5 Best British Comedy Series

17th April 2018

The time of the sketch show has passed it would seem. In the early 2000s, one couldn’t move for the likes of League of Gentlemen or Little Britain jokes. Luckily, these relics have been preserved thanks to the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime. So, here are our top British sketch shows and sitcoms. Be […]

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Why Night Owls Die Earlier than Early Risers

16th April 2018

Morning people seem to have all the perks in life. They’re cheerful every morning, they always seem to get 8+ hours of sleep and latest research has shown that they live longer than *normal* people. This research explains that being a morning person is linked to a number of factors including genetics and environment. According […]

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Why Don’t Animals Get Acne?

12th April 2018

Ever been in the middle of a ferocious acne breakout, looked at your pet and wondered what they ever did to deserve an acne free existence? No? Well you’re about to find out anyway. An estimated 80% of all people between 11 and 30 have an acne outbreak at least once in their lives, making […]

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Faecal Matters to Life on Mars

11th April 2018

Many scientists, including the late Stephen Hawking, have researched the possibility of putting humans on Mars. It has been suggested that mankind will have put the first human colony on the planet within the next hundred years. To get there, we will need endless resources including food, radiation shields and tools. One of the problems […]

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Lent Purifies Unholy Computer Viruses

23rd March 2018

Ah Lent, the holiest time of the year. However things are about to get very unholy, very quickly and it’s all because of computer infections. Since the beginning of Lent this year, the amount of computer infections has dropped by 17% across the US, and this number is even higher in US states with large […]

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Midweek Blues

21st March 2018

Ivanka may not be a scientist but by golly, she makes for some good meme material. On Instagram and Twitter, she posted a photo of herself dressed like a scientist and well…the internet being the internet decided to meme it up. Let’s get stuck in, shall we? The image in question was from her visit […]

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7 Most Annoying People on Facebook

7th March 2018

When Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook, he probably did not realise he had just unleashed a Pandora’s Box of irritating people onto the world. There are 2.2 billion active Facebook accounts yet somehow, all of the annoying users seem to follow the same behaviour patterns regardless of age, nationality and social status. It doesn’t matter who […]

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Why We’re All Skint

25th February 2018

If you’re around the age as most of us here at B**p, then you’ll probably know the pained feeling of being skint. On the bones of your literal backside, with all of £4 in your bank. So, what do we spend our money on? Out of the 18-21-year-olds we asked, we discovered something you all […]

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Can we still watch Aziz Ansari?

23rd February 2018

I threw on Parks and Recreation the other night as a comfort watch. It’s my favourite US sitcom and my go-to for a few easy laughs mixed in with a healthy touch of gooey sentiment. However, as I chuckled at the cringey antics of MVP-wannabe Tom Haverford, a pang of guilt struck me. I thought […]

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Last Minute Revision Crash Course

19th February 2018

As somebody who leaves most things in life until the last minute, I am very experienced in the art of last minute revision. Yeah it’s not ideal and I don’t deny that it’s better and far less stressful to revise over a few weeks rather than the night before, but we’ve all been in this situation before. During my […]

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Inquiry into Nelly Sexual Allegations

14th February 2018

Claims that RnB artist Nelly sexually assaulted a fan in the UK at a gig, have been reported to the police and are under investigation. Allegedly, the attack occurred after a show at the Cliffs Pavilion, Southend on 5th December last year. An Essex Police spokesperson said the service had started the investigation after a […]

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Weird Interview Questions: SpaceX Edition

13th February 2018

Job interviews are the worst. In a small time period, you have to prove to a complete stranger why you’re better than the other complete strangers who also want the job. The nerves, the interview etiquette and the fear of the unknown all make interviews one of the most uncomfortable parts of modern life. Usually, […]

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Uni Struggles: Weird Habits

6th February 2018

What will strike you the most about living in student halls is other people’s routines and lifestyles. We’re all different and come from a whole variety of backgrounds but this is amplified when you’re all living in such close proximity. The way some people choose to live can sometimes shock you or you may even […]

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Aussie Crows Smarter than Humans

5th February 2018

One of the most famous examples of a plan massively backfiring is the cane toad situation in Australia. In 1935, the state of Queensland introduced these poisonous amphibians from the Americas as a means of controlling pests that were eating and destroying sugar cane crops. This went about as well as you’d imagine. The number […]

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The Flu Guru

5th February 2018

You know what’s awful? Flu. You know what’s even worse? Not knowing how to cope with it when it inevitably creeps up on you. Basically, I have flu and I’m incredibly salty about it so we’re going to be having a look at some of the things you should (or shouldn’t) be doing when you […]

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Uni Struggles: Five Stages of Washing

3rd February 2018

Doing laundry is the simplest yet most mundane household chore. Literally all you have to do is put the dirty clothes in a big machine, press some buttons and then remove them 30 minutes later to put them in the dryer. The whole process (including sorting and putting away) takes about two hours. However it’s […]

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PETA’s Problematic Posters

1st February 2018

Look. I totally get why PETA is the way they are. If you think someone is murdering or exploiting sentient beings, it’s perfectly reasonable to be angry about that. That said, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals don’t help themselves. They approve ridiculous campaigns and posters that actively encourage people to eat meat […]

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Midweek Blues

31st January 2018

Sometimes, we just need some support from a peacock okay? Don’t judge, peacocks are great and deserve better rights. A female traveller was recently banned from taking her ‘emotional support peacock’ on board a United Airlines flight. She offered to purchase the bird a ticket according to travel blog ‘Live and let Fly’. The airline […]

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Weird…we think so

29th January 2018

If you’re just about to eat your dinner, I’d maybe hold off reading this article because you’re about to see something truly disgusting. Rosemount High School in Minnesota played an odd ‘prank’ in which blindfolded students were told to expect a kiss from a ‘special someone’. Unfortunately for students, the kiss came from over-enthusiastic parents, […]

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Sharing Bags of Sweets Could Be Banned

28th January 2018

Everybody’s favourite campaign group Action on Sugar has called for ‘sharing bags’ to be banned after realising that in most cases, the word ‘sharing’ is used incorrectly. Already this month, the group has whinged on about kids drinking energy drinks in schools. Rather than let everybody look after their own health, AoS is calling for a […]

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Midweek Blues

24th January 2018

Minnie Mouse has finally gotten her name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! 40 years after her male compatriot got a star, she’s finally ben inducted. Katy Perry was there because let’s face it, it’s not like she has albums to worry about and she commented on how long this had taken. Her words were: […]

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Uni Struggles: The Bathroom Situation

22nd January 2018

For many prospective students, choosing accommodation can be just as challenging as choosing an actual uni for a number of reasons. Cost is often the main reason but in some cases, the most important factor can be the bathroom situation. Back in Spring 2016 when I was approaching the end of Year 13, all anybody […]

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Wolf Spotted in Belgium After 100 Years

15th January 2018

A wild wolf has been spotted in Belgium for the first time in more than a century. It made its way from Germany, showing population growth. Conservationists were excited to see wolves starting to spread out. Wolves once roamed around much of Europe, but populations dwindled after over-hunting, industrialisation and urbanisation. This also comes from […]

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Would Your City Survive a Nuclear Blast?

14th January 2018

Hawaiian officials made a colossal blunder on Saturday. This text message was sent to Hawaiian mobile phones 08:07 (18:07 GMT): “Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill.” It took 38 minutes to correct the error, meaning that for nearly 40 minutes there was chaos in the state. “There […]

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Midweek Blues

10th January 2018

Milly Bobby Brown wore black in support of the Time’s Up initiative, in response to the ‘Weinstein affect’ and the #MeToo campaign. Ariana approves. The Stranger Things star was up for a  Primetime Emmy Award, for Outstanding Actress in a Dram Series and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama […]

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