Film review: Godzilla: King of the Monsters

12th June 2019

Of all the attempted cinematic universes trying to copy Marvel, who would have thought Godzilla and King Kong would be the ones to succeed. Godzilla: King of the Monsters is the sequel to the 2014 Godzilla movie which everyone either thought was great or boring. I thought it was both. This time around, it stars […]

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Film reviews: Aladdin, Rocketman & Brightburn

6th June 2019

It’s been a busy week for me. I’ve seen four movies, only one of which I feel I can actually talk about for any length of article. So I thought, I’d save myself the stretching and do some quick-fire reviews for the first three. Aladdin Aladdin is the latest live-action remake of a classic Disney […]

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Chris Lilley's characters clockwise from centre: Keith, Gavin, Quentin, Jana, Becky, Joyce

Review: Chris Lilley’s Lunatics

29th May 2019

Not exactly a household name, Chris Lilley an Australian comedian who you either know and love or haven’t really heard of at all. For a certain few, the trailer for the release of his latest series Lunatics was something of a big deal. Known for mockumentary-style shows like Summer Heights High and Angry Boys, Lilley is responsible for portraying some […]

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Love Island contestants mixtures of male and female in swimming costumes in front of bright colourful digital background

Love Island Contestant Review

28th May 2019

We’ve got a text! It’s officially Love Island time on 3rd June where the hit TV show will entertain millions of viewers up and down the country. ITV has released the contestant line-up – and we’re going to go through it all with you. Following last year’s massive success, there are high expectations being placed […]

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Film review: John Wick 3: Parabellum

24th May 2019

The film that I will never be able to stop accidentally calling ‘perineum’. John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum, henceforth referred to as John Wick 3, is a direct sequel to the first two action movies that revitalized Keanu Reeves’ blockbuster career. It follows the titular assassin as he is forced out of his shadowy hitman […]

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Film review: Avengers: Endgame

26th April 2019

Aah 2019. I knew you’d come around eventually. Avengers: Endgame is the 22nd film in the MCU and, in effect, does exactly what it says on the tin. It concludes the story we started in 2008 with an AC/DC backed Tony Stark, back when Christian Bale was still Batman and Barack Obama became president. It […]

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Film review: Hellboy

19th April 2019

Oh dear 2019. You aren’t doing brilliantly are you. Hellboy is a reboot of the franchise from the mid-2000s and an adaptation of the comics of the same name. It stars Stranger Things‘ David Harbour as the demon who fights for the US government against paranormal threats. And it’s not very good. I’m in three […]

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Film review: Shazam!

16th April 2019

Is it just me that feels a bit weird about films having punctuation in their title? I can accept a colon. But that’s my limit. Shazam! (see, it’s weird, right?) is the latest film from DC and Warner Brothers. It stars Asher Angel as Billy Batson, a 14-year-old who gains the ability to transform into […]

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Gourmet burger on serving paper with dark, three-times-cooked-skinny French fries with fries in a metal bucket

Restaurant Review: Tango, Durham

13th April 2019

4.5/5 With the Easter holidays in full swing, lots of families in the northeast will be looking for places to take a day-trip to. The historical city of Durham is a great place for a family day out, and Tango, a burger restaurant located on Elvet Bridge, is the perfect place to stop by for […]

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Cartoon of Mario with the words 'Super Mario Worst Game Ever' on the right

5 Bad Games from Great Series

11th April 2019

We all suffer from the occasional mistake. Whether it’s putting your clothes on backwards, falling asleep in a test, or saying a table is solid mahogany from Oak Furniture Land, none of us are perfect. The same goes for some of our favourite series. Here are 5 games which are the interactive media equivalent of […]

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TV Review: Stranger Things

10th April 2019

5/5 Here at b**p we love a good Netflix series (or two, in this case), and so when we finally sat down to watch Stranger Things, we were totally obsessed. Set in the ’80s in the fictional American town of Hawkins, Stranger Things follows the storyline of Will Byers’ mysterious disappearance. The young boy completely […]

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TV Review: After Life

8th April 2019

5/5 This spring Netflix has been doing wonders for subscribers, first of all in the form of comedian Ricky Gervais’ After Life, a series about love, loss and life itself. After Life is true British comedy at its finest, with lots of the C-word, fat, bald, middle-aged men, and an all-star British comedian line-up. Ricky […]

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Review: Durham’s Riverview Kitchen

7th April 2019

5/5 The historical city of Durham is the perfect place for a day-trip in the North East. And if you’re heading there with friends or loved ones, Durham’s Riverview Kitchen is just the place to be if you want breakfast, brunch, lunch or a sweet treat and a cup of tea. Situated right on the […]

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Film review: Dumbo

6th April 2019

Look, Disney. I’ve been sort of guiltily fine with the sinister monopoly you’re establishing in Hollywood. But that was when you were making good stuff. Out of the three live-action remakes, Disney is giving us this year, 1941’s Dumbo makes the most sense to make. Firstly, it’s much much older than either Aladdin or The […]

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Review: The Brexit Storm

4th April 2019

4/5 The Brexit process has caused an absolute storm in Parliament and across the whole country. But what’s it like being right at the heart of all the drama? BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg shows exactly what it’s like throughout her new feature programme The Brexit Storm: Laura Kuenssberg’s Inside Story. Tracking through the past […]

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Film review: Us

28th March 2019

Listen, the movie’s great but can we stop with minimalist titles? If I text my girlfriend saying that I want to talk about Us, it sends the wrong message Jordan mate. Us is the second directed film from Jordan Peele, director of Get Out and fair warning, Get Out‘s shadow looms heavy over this review. […]

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Manga done right

21st March 2019

For non-fans, it may be surprising to learn that Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece is the third best selling comic of all time, and the best selling manga – but it’s likely that you’ve heard or seen its impact in one of its 934 chapters, 831 episodes (of the anime) or 51 video games since its […]

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World Book Day 2019

7th March 2019

World Book Day is always one of the best days in the calendar for children in particular. It’s a day that celebrates literature and creativity, encouraging children to embrace their own creative abilities and to really think hard about books and stories and characters. So, of course, we thought we’d share our top five literary […]

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Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training Day: Part 1

7th March 2019

The Anti Bullying Ambassador training day that I attended was on Wednesday the 13th of February at Kenton school, in Newcastle. I was inspired to take part in this magnificent cause because of a friend, whose story I told in detail in my previous article, Anxiety And Children, who suffers from multiple anxieties. Anti-bullying means […]

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Stack of books on the dark wood background. toning. selective focus on the middle book

Book Review: Things a Bright Girl Can Do

27th February 2019

1914. The world stands on the edge of change. But women still have no vote. Evelyn is rich and clever, but she isn’t allowed to go to university. Life is set out for her, but Evelyn wants freedom and choice, even if it means paying the highest price alongside her fellow Suggragettes. Meanwhile, May campaigns […]

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Every Oscar movie reviewed in a sentence

24th February 2019

The Oscars ceremony takes place this Sunday – click here for my predictions – and thankfully I’ve finished my homework in record time. Rather than boring everyone with a rapidly produced series of lukewarm 300-word reviews, I found this alternative. So you’re welcome. I’ve tried to pack as much detail as I could into these […]

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TV Review: Sex Education

22nd February 2019

5/5 It’s not often that big media outlets like Netflix manage to create a realistic TV show about what it’s like to be a young person in the modern world. Think 13 Reasons Why and think about how awful a portrayal of suicide and young people it gave to its millions of viewers. However, the […]

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Clockwise from top - Brit Awards 2019 logo, Hugh Jackman performing in silver tuxedo, Dua Lipa on red carpet

The Brits in Brief

21st February 2019

Last night marked the 39th edition of the Brit awards. Held at the O2 in London, it featured show-stopping performances, deserving winners and much more. Here’s a brief summary of what when down during Brits 2019. The ‘Greatest’ Show The show opened and closed with some of the best performances of the night. Hugh Jackman […]

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Mother of victim (left), Jan (victim - middle) and father of victim (right).

Response to Abducted in Plain Sight

6th February 2019

After watching Abducted in Plain Sight, it seems that a normal review will not reflect how this one-part documentary has affected all those who’ve seen it. In an attempt to do it justice, we have reviewed not only the film itself but people’s response to this truly unforgettable story. Bizarre, disturbing and downright sick Just […]

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Film review: Glass

2nd February 2019

I mean someone’s done every ‘glass half empty’ joke by this point, hasn’t it? Glass is the sequel to 2016’s Split which was a shadow sequel to 2000’s Unbreakable. Series creator M. Night Shyamalan directs and it is the story of the three main characters from the first two movies meeting in an insane asylum. […]

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Let’s talk Doctor Who Series 11

14th January 2019

Since Matt Smith’s 2nd series, I’ve thought of DW as the best bad show on television. Or the worst good show, depending on the episode. Steven Moffat’s writing style often convoluted simple and effective concepts in service of unsatisfying mystery boxes. The new showrunner Chris Chibnall had a lot to improve on for the new […]

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Review: House of Cards’ Final Series

7th January 2019

As loyal readers of b**p will know all too well, I have been a House of Cards superfan from the first second I watched the series. My biggest achievement to date (screw the A Levels and getting into uni) is finishing the series in four days. When allegations of sexual assault and harassment against Kevin […]

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Character appears with an 'O' as a target on his face

TV Review: Ozark

12th December 2018

It’s been [unjustly] hailed as a ‘dark drama that wants to be Breaking Bad’ that isn’t ‘quite up to par‘. I am talking about the Netflix Original series everyone should be talking about: Ozark. The series follows Marty Byrde as he attempts to launder money for Mexico’s second-largest drug cartel. As you might expect, this […]

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Child sits in Christmas present box while crying with speech bubble containing ban lynx sign

No More Lynx Sets

11th December 2018

There must be at least one person out there who agrees. It’s Christmas day. You delve halfway into a pile of presents – significantly smaller in size than last year – and you find yourself opening…please, no! It’s a Lynx set, again! To make matters worse, it’s either the abhorrent ‘Dark Temptation’ or every pubescent schoolboy’s […]

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English Heritage – Should I Join?

11th December 2018

How many landlords can compete with a portfolio that includes 66 castles, 23 historic gardens and one (very famous) battlefield? Not many. In excess of 400 sites of national significance are managed by English Heritage, the government-funded organisation entrusted to care for England’s protected heritage collection, or – as they put it – ‘telling England’s […]

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Film review: Robin Hood

28th November 2018

Hey, I didn’t know we were getting a remake of Batman Begins this year. How come no one told me? Except now Bruce Wayne is calling himself Robin of Loxley and Ra’s al Ghul is Arthur from Peaky Blinders. Robin Hood is 2018’s version of that King Arthur movie from last year, in that, I’ll […]

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Film review: Fantastic Beasts – The Crimes of Grindelwald

21st November 2018

I wasn’t going to write this review. Someone else was going to have to cover this because I doubted my ability to think objectively due to my deep unconditional love of all things Harry Potter. I needn’t have worried about that. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is the sequel to 2016’s Fantastic Beasts and Where […]

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Album Review Rewind: Malibu

17th November 2018

Anderson Paak’s 2016 hip hop hit Malibu has to be one of the most entertaining, intelligent and genuinely enjoyable albums of its genre. It’s poppy and funky, creating a bridge for fans of the Top 40 and most mainstream pop from the past to walk along and enjoy, which is credit to Paak’s crafty musical […]

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Film Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

12th November 2018

5/5 Generally speaking, biopics about iconic music figures long after they’ve passed away never do them justice. That’s why the usual gods of music are mostly left alone nowadays when it comes to biopics. You don’t see ones about Whitney Houston, Prince or Michael Jackson. However, this year’s Bohemian Rhapsody biopic about the legendary Queen […]

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British singer Dua Lipa meets Blackpink, South Korean band

New Music: K-Pop Collabs

3rd November 2018

Not sure whether you’ve heard, but K-pop is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, with the likes of BTS making appearances on shows such as Ellen Degeneres, and collaborating with Nicki Minaj. However, this appears to be just the beginning, and we have a 2-for-1 deal for you right here. First up we have BLACKPINK or BLΛƆKPIИK, an emerging South […]

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Four wizards who wasted magical abilities

13th October 2018

At some point, we’ve all wished we had magical powers. Well, the following individuals on this list were granted that dream and, as far as we’re concerned, squandered it. Consider the following magicians, wizards or sorcerers who majorly wasted their abilities. Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) The Fellowship of the Ring’s resident wizard, Gandalf is, […]

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Film review: A Simple Favor

27th September 2018

Or is it favour? It’s an American film so I guess I’ll stoop to that unsettling spelling. A Simple Favour is the latest attempt to do Gone Girl again after The Girl on the Train failed. It’s directed by Paul Feig and stars Anna Kendrick while she searches for her missing friend Blake Lively. Along the way, […]

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BEEP REWIND: Roald Dahl’s Top Five Characters

14th September 2018

As September marks the birth month of one of children’s literature’s most influential authors, thousands of parents and their sons and daughters will be celebrating Roald Dahl Day. Each year, Dahl’s birthday is celebrated with a ‘wonderful array of events’ according to the official website, including a party at the Roald Dahl Museum in Great […]

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Book Review: Persuasion

10th September 2018

4.5/5 After reading Pride and Prejudice and feeling totally disappointed, my hopes were as low as can be when I started reading Persuasion. It reads basically the same as Austen’s most famous work, but Persuasion is undoubtedly filled with more wit and humour accessible to any reader than P&P, making it much more bearable in […]

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Film review: Ant-Man and the Wasp

8th August 2018

And finally… with this… I can finally stop being mad at the World Cup for delaying releases. Ant-Man and the Wasp is the sequel to the 2015 movie which was the definition of average Marvel. It’s also the first post-Infinity War MCU project. It, again, stars Paul Rudd as the eponymous miniature superhero alongside Evangeline […]

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Film review: Mission Impossible – Fallout

5th August 2018

Finally, in theatres! Come one! Come all! See the moustache that ruined Justice League! Mission Impossible: Fallout is the sixth film in the franchise and the first to have a returning director in Christopher McQuarrie. It features Ethan Hunt and the MI gang dealing with a plot to nuke the world or something. Look, the […]

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Auschwitz Tour Review

20th July 2018

When on holiday you don’t often expect to find yourself in a concentration camp used by the Nazis. However, when holidaying in Kraków, Poland, a trip to Auschwitz is necessary and important. Auschwitz-Birkenau camp was used by the Nazis in World War Two to murder and exploit their enemies and opponents, mainly Jewish citizens as […]

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B**P REWIND: Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

15th July 2018

One of the worst things that can happen to a horror franchise is for it to be dragged out and overused. We’ve seen it happen to many before, classic horrors literally slaughtering themselves; Scream and Saw were murdered by many pointless sequels, making the original masterpieces redundant. It seems like this is exactly what has […]

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B**P REWIND: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

12th July 2018

Truman Capote’s classic novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s is brief, wistful and filled with a prominent sense of longing from both the unnamed narrator and Holly Golightly, the protagonist. Published in 1958,the novella follows a year and a half in Holly Golightly’s company – something that is rare, as precious as a diamond and as sought […]

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4 people we hated more than the villain

27th June 2018

There are some truly reprehensible villains out there. In both fiction and reality. Sometimes though, the bloke posited as our ultimate bad guy isn’t half as bad as the slimeball in the background. Here are our picks for the characters who, honestly, were worse than the official antagonist. Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter) If you’ve ever […]

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Jurassic World Alive is Kinda Neat

4th June 2018

If Pokémon Go isn’t your thing or you just prefer giant reptiles, Jurassic World Live might be up your alley. Or you could have an addictive personality and play both. You’ll be delighted to hear, that it’s actually: Jurassic World Live begins with Chris Pratt (because he’s in the movies) telling you how to play […]

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Film Review: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

15th May 2018

5/5 It’s not all that often in 21st Century all-star casted films that you get a piece of drama that actually touches you in a way only the old stuff does. But Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  bucks that 21st Century trend incredibly well, and that’s why it’s more than worth watching. Released in […]

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Review: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

12th May 2018

A story about the death of an icon, Gianni Versace’s assassination remains very much within living memory. His distinctive brand lives on today, and the circumstances around his death have once again been brought to life in Ryan Murphy’s adaptation: American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace (ASGV). It has already  been broadcast on BBC, but is […]

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Harry Potter and the Money Grabbing Game

8th May 2018

The prospect of a Harry Potter themed smartphone app has long been anticipated and now, it’s finally here. With graphics that are a great improvement but still reminiscent of the original Harry Potter PlayStation games, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery should be every Potterhead’s dream- should being the operative word. For the first half an hour or so, […]

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Review: Warner Bros Harry Potter Studios

19th April 2018

5/5 Harry Potter will be remembered for the rest of history as classic children’s fiction. There will be other books about wizards, but there are always classics. It’s just that, with this classic, there is a huge studio tour you can embark on in the leafy suburb of Leavesden near London. The Warner Brothers Studio […]

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