It’s not often we do a game focused on Midweek Blues. However, with the passing of one of my favourite YouTubers and video-game personalities Totalbiscuit, I feel as though it would be fitting to show the best stuff he did for the YouTube gaming space.

From podcasts to hour-long videos chatting about whatever had happened in games. John Bain had regular shows like WTF Is..? where he gave his genuine first impressions of a game. In a space where so many ‘first impressions’ videos are tweaked, or changed in favour of looking good, TB took a very real look at what was being brought to the public.

He often caught flak from this, however, with one particular game causing the Brit a large amount of trouble. Day One: Gary’s Incident was a mess of a game that launched on Steam in a buggy, unplayable state.

Totalbiscuit did his job reporting on it and the developer tried to have his content removed from YouTube altogether. It was here, that TB began to not only look of for games doing awful things but made people aware of so-called ‘copyright strikes’.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom. One of his most enthusiastic videos came from the 2013 game Space Marine, which encapsulated everything we wanted in a shooter surrounding the universe of Warhammer 40,000.

He was a stubborn bloke, yes, but the vast majority of the time, he was like the dad of the YouTube gaming space. His podcast, The Co-optional Podcast also had some notable moments. You can see those animated below.

We’ll miss you TB. He will live on as a global emoticon in Twitch Chat.

Stay tuned next week for our regularly scheduled programming.