Since the singer’s untimely death in January, Bowie has managed to secure three albums in the top ten albums of 2016 so far.

Adele is still at the top with 406,000 combined sales of 25, which broke records when it was released in November.

Bowie’s Blackstar, which was released days before his death, is following in second.

The album topped sales charts on its release, with approximately 345,000 combined sales.

Following on, we have Justin Bieber in third place, then Bowie again in fourth.

Here’s the chart:



Elvis has also managed to get into the charts with his album If I Can Dream, which is a collection of his lesser-known songs, and some songs the public hasn’t ever heard before.

Even though Bowie left us, its still amazing to see how popular he is. And how many people are still listening to him.