In case you weren’t aware, Dawn of War is arguably one of the most revered and respected RTS franchises ever.

The first came out in the early 2000s, and was incredibly well received. It brought 3D units and animations into the limelight, plunging ahead of things like StarCraft. Plus, it was really really cool. With these games they’ve always had some decent cinematic pieces to go with the campaigns. Relic, the devs behind the third instalment, have released the opening cut scene for the Space Marine campaign.

It looks pretty cool, even as someone who isn’t interested in RTS games.

In other news pertaining to games with the word ‘War’ in it, Shadow of War, the sequel to the 2014 hit Shadow of Mordor, has another little teaser out, showing the Nemesis system off a bit, and some of the larger scaled areas in the game.

You can take control of siege beasts, arena battles, and even fight alongside Gondorian soldiers, as you try to hold the line between Mordor, and Middle Earth.

Dawn of War III comes out on 27th April, and Shadow of War is later this year.