Could wearing the wrong clothes to an event and mislabelling vegetarian food lead you to push somebody to their death? Would gradually escalating social pressure drive you to blindly obey a total stranger? Would you pretend to be someone who you knew was dead?

If you answered no to everything, you may change your answers after watching Netflix specialĀ The Push.

The Push is a psychological experiment orchestrated by sociologist and mentalist Derren Brown, designed to socially condition an unsuspecting businessman, Chris, into committing a series of crimes and eventually murder.

Chris had applied to be on a Derren Brown show but at the audition, had been told he was unsuccessful in his application. This, of course, was just a ruse so that his reactions would be more genuine in the actual experiment. Chris was chosen because of his social suggestibility. During the audition, Brown performed his own version of this well-known experiment on the applicants:

The aim of this is to find out which contestants were suggestible and which ones were more likely to think for themselves.

Once Brown had selected Chris, his team spent the next few months preparing hundreds of actors, creating a hyper-realistic corpse, and coming up with the story of Bernie- a millionaire with a chronic heart condition.

Without giving too much away, Chris is gradually made more and more dependant on a character called Tom who takes him under his wing at the charity event. Despite only meeting with Tom at a business meeting once before the event, Chris soon becomes very reliant on him to the point where he obeys his every command. It starts off simple: Tom asks Chris to put vegetarian labels on sausage rolls that they both know contain meat. This small act, followed by Tom subtly bossing Chris round by asking him to carry bag and fetch champagne, leads to Chris helping him move Bernie’s corpse. Despite being reluctant, Chris barely objects to this very illegal and immoral demand.

As the evening goes on, the situation becomes more intense and uncomfortable as Chris is then persuaded to impersonate and deliver Bernie’s speech. Tom’s demands become worse as the show goes on as Chris becomes visibly stressed and scared. In the end, there’s one last demand that comes from another of the partygoers- push a man off a roof. Will Chris blindly obey or will he regain control of his decisions?

The ending is a major twist that no one will see coming.

The Push is one of the greatest and most nerve-wracking psychology shows ever created. Perhaps the intensity of the show comes from how deeply you’re forced to relate the experiment back to yourself. You constantly tell yourself that you would never be so easily manipulated but the truth is, you will never know how you’d react in such a situation unless it actually happened to you.

The only thing we can be certain of is that no one in their right mind should ever audition for a Derren Brown show.