As a surprise to no one, Marvel’s Infinity War has made a lot of money already, beating out the previous box office champion, The Force Awakens. To congratulate then, the official Star Wars Twitter tweeted a message for the folks at Marvel.

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy praised the film, with an image of Rey, the main character from the recent Star Wars movies, handing Anakin’s famous lightsaber to Iron Man. It’s quite nice actually:

Kevin Feige also commented on Infinity War’s massive success, saying in his own tweet:

‘Thank you for embracing these characters and stories since we kicked off the MCU ten years ago.

On behalf of everyone here at Marvel Studios, we thank you for being the best fans in the universe and making Avengers: Infinity War the biggest opening weekend of all time.’

Many people pointed out that the impact of this celebration is lessened slightly, given that Disney owns both Marvel and Lucasfilm. So, it’s a bit like giving yourself an A*.

Many believe the MCU began in 2008 with Iron Man but it was actually The Incredible Hulk, who was then played by Ed Norton, that jump started it. It’s undoubtedly the biggest franchise ever made spanning 17 movies now.

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