Season 10 of Rupaul’s Drag Race has, thus far, adhered to the ‘gag-worthy’ blueprint of seasons gone by. In wake of AllStarS 3’s shocking conclusion, however, it’s hard to make even vague presumptions of what to expect next. Here’s our rundown of the story thus far (with spoilers if you haven’t watched episode six and untucked).

Queens that Opened Up

Due to the adversity and lack of acceptance they face, Drag Queens are often regarded as resilient people, with an answer for every possible criticism. Queens find that trauma or personal walls come to the forefront during the competition, making them more vulnerable and likely to stumble. One of the most shocking revelations was Blair St.Clare’s admission that she was raped as a teenager on episode six. Having been referred to as a ‘boy scout’ out of drag, one wouldn’t be blamed too harshly for regarding St.Claire as carefree and benign, despite her obvious talent. When she revealed this, the other Queens offered their love and undying support; a testament to the compassionate nature of the drag community. It’s hard not to be touched by this likeable queen’s past trauma, and despite her departure, during which RuPaul proclaimed her experience a “declaration of independence from the past”, it would be great to see her return on Allstars.

 No matter how often you hear it, Queens that reveal their family’s ignorance to their careers and homosexuality never fails to surprise. The likes of Dusty Ray Bottoms, whose strict Christian parents accepted neither, had to leave home and fend for themselves. This serves as a reminder that homosexuality (and resistance to freedom of expression) remains a huge issue for many across the world, and queens have made successes of themselves in spite of this. Drag Race continues to challenge the difficulties facing the LGBT community, particularly in the current political climate, demonstrating why Drag is now more relevant than ever.

Biggest Bust-Ups

With a steady supply of shade having been dished out this season, our craving for the inevitable spats among queens has been satisfied. Outwardly-spoken and aptly named ‘The Vixen’ has established herself as the alpha-queen, responding to even the smallest comments with unadulterated ferocity. Having been in cahoots with Aquaria and Eureka for comments made towards her, she has proved herself as the most volatile queen.

After the dispute, both Aquaria and The Vixen received death threats from fans after the latter suggested her sister was racist. It wouldn’t be the first time fans have acted maliciously towards other queens, which BedDeLaCreme touched on after leaving Allstars 3. 

Sickening Successes

Numerous Queens have demonstrated they deserve to be in the competition, although the stats prove that a week can change everything. Eureka wavered on episode two, having to lip sync against Kalorie Karbdashian to remain in the competition. Since then, she’s gone from strength to strength, being the first queen to win two challenges. Monét X Change has proved her indisputably sickening lip sync skills, having knocked two queens out while up for elimination, followed by a great performance in the maxi-challenge on episode six. Although her ‘Hats Incredible’ look was leagues better than previous ones, queens like Aquaria, Miz Cracker and Asia O’Hara are among those having demonstrated better aesthetics.


Season 10 has been as unpredictable and eventful as the rest, so making estimations would a futile endeavour in itself. Bianca Del Rio will be making an appearance in episode 7 which is pretty exciting, so shantay you stay tuned!