Easter 101

With Easter just around the corner, here at B**p, we decided to put together a few fun facts about Easter:


  • When it comes to symbolism eggs are seen as a sign of rebirth, growth and new beginnings.


  • The biggest Easter egg on record stood at 10.39 metres and weighed more than 7 tons – that’s one hell of an Easter egg!


  • The white lily is the Easter flower.


  • The word Easter comes from Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess.


  • In the UK, 80 million eggs are sold each year.


  • At Easter children are given an average of five Easter eggs, which could be double their recommended calorie intake for a week.


  • Back in the middle ages, to give the eggs a golden sheen, people would boil them with onions.


  • In 1873 Fry’s produced the first ever chocolate egg. Two years later, in 1875 John Cadbury followed with his first of many chocolate eggs.

Happy Easter everyone!