Even Obama Does it

Former US President Barack Obama was called to court as a potential member of the jury, in Chicago Illinois, with a Secret Service detail at the Richard J. Daley Center courthouse.

He was dismissed after less than two hours and given the standard $17.20 for his service like all other potential jurors.

Man, imagine sharing that bench with the former president. That would be the most surreal thing in the world. Quite a few people were excited to see Obama and he shook hands with everyone in the room.

How can someone be that nice? It’s like the type of guy you go to a party with who buys the drink and makes you look like an idiot because you spent all your money on food for yourself.

He isn’t the first president to be asked to do jury duty. In 2003, Clinton attended in New York, while George W. Bush attended service in Dallas.

Trump has also had done his civic duty, shortly after declaring his run for the presidency in 2015.

Times were simpler.