False-ish Alarm

People leaving their cars due to standstill traffic caused by a package containing corrosive material.


We recently informed you of the ‘suspicious package’ found on the M1, causing major disruption part of one of the UK’s most important motorways. We’re glad to inform you that the incident is not being treated as a terrorist attack, although it remains a mystery as to how it got there.

Police say the yellow substance, below which you can see seeping onto the road, was “possibly hydrochloric acid”, a highly corrosive substance that is still very dangerous to handle.


Bomb disposal robot next to potentially threatening substance on motorway amid closures.

Bomb disposal robot sent in to handle suspicious substance found on M1.


It’s therefore a good job the police’s bomb disposal robot was there to first inspect the contents of the black plastic bin bag, which was left under a bridge between the junctions for Northampton and Milton Keynes. Police are still unaware of how this came to be left in such a place, and it’s deeply concerning. What ever their reasons for having the substance in the first place, it’s simply unacceptable for people to think they can dispose of any old toxic waste out their car, van or lorry window. Incidents like this seem to be happening more frequently, whether genuine terror threats or not, reflecting the culture of fear we live in.

Despite the delay and potential danger, many got out of their cars and wasted no time in having coffee, cycling up and down the stationary traffic, or engaging in a classic game of Frisbee:

People astound me in their ability to make the best out of a bad situation.