Finding the perfect set of underwear can be extremely difficult, and often quite expensive, but is it really worth the cost? Companies such as Victoria’s Secret promote their clothing as a necessity, as if other, cheaper underwear is just not good enough. With prices ranging from about £20 to £150+, you definitely have to be careful about what you choose.

When you take a visit to Victoria’s Secret and choose to try something on, you’re often met with a rather pleasant experience. A sales assistant will meet you at the fitting room, ask for your name and take you to a cubicle. If you try your choices on and you’re happy, then great. If it doesn’t quite fit, you can choose to have a measurement taken, from which they will find your perfect size. This can be really helpful, as most women don’t actually know what size they should be wearing, and tend to just guess. This kind of treatment you don’t receive in too many other places.

Now, let’s take into consideration the underwear itself. Generally, it is of a high quality material. They have a wide range of bras, so it isn’t hard to find something that you like and that fits you perfectly. In other shops, bras often don’t fit the shape of the breasts correctly and as the item is worn it tends to increasingly lose its firm shape. This can make it uncomfortable to wear, and prevents it from looking as nice.

Another reason many women choose to shop at Victoria’s Secret is for its huge range of sexy lingerie. It is one of the best shops out there for this, arguably beating the likes of Ann Summers and Boux Avenue. While you may find the ideal outfit for this purpose here, it will come at a cost. This type of style ranges from about £50 and up, exceedingly more for the sets. But it’s worth it.

On the other hand, Victoria’s Secret also stock a large range of everyday underwear, at a slightly lower cost. Again, these are usually of a high quality and fit well. However, it may be best to only opt for one or two bras of this style from this shop, as you can often find underwear of a similar style elsewhere, at a lower cost. For instance, New Look or Marks and Spencer. Still, it is worth having a couple at hand.

Overall, Victoria’s Secret does appear to be worth the money if you’re buying something for a special occasion, or splashing out on something comfortable every so often. It is not the place to go every time you need a new bra, or else you will ultimately end up bankrupt!