The Great Gatsby

Let’s be honest, Leo is one of the main reasons anyone watches this film. And because it’s on the A Level English Literature specification.

Eccentric director Baz Luhrmann took on the mammoth challenge of directing The Great Gatsby – and did a fantastic job of it. He makes every party scene ethereal with champagne popping in every corner, flappers shimmying in every shot and vibrant colours bringing the 1920s to life with a twist. The twist in the party scenes is the music in which Lana Del Ray is heard with her melancholic voice, reminding us that despite the extravagance, this is story is a tragedy.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the lead role of Gatsby and captures the essence of the elusive figure perfectly. He knows how he would talk, walk and act. He melts your heart and makes you emotionally attached at every single “old sport” in the film. The real tragedy surrounding this film (aside from the death and stuff) is that DiCaprio didn’t win an Oscar for it. The Revenant is no match for lovesick and determined Gatsby.

Anyone who has read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s great classic novel must see this film. And anyone who just likes a bit of Leo should watch it too. You won’t regret it.