I might be the minority who didn’t get it.

A fire crew in Essex has been suspended, following a ‘joke’, that involved two children and some cling film. I am definitely on a watchlist for saying that.

The incident in question was that of a fire serviceman wrapping up two children in cling film while their mother took photos for a bit of a laugh. The Essex Fire Service is investigating after the BBC notified the fire station in Southend of the photos on Facebook.

The images had ‘raised concerns’ and a ‘thorough investigation’ is underway.

The watch that has been suspended was apparently to be put on ‘core duties only’, meaning it could not carry out community work. So, the issue isn’t necessarily with the ‘joke’, but more the fact they weren’t following proper guidelines.

While an investigation is still pending, no harm came to the children involved so says, Adam Eckley.

The children’s mother said that what had happened was ‘intended as a joke’ and the kids enjoyed it.

Chief fire officer Adam Eckley said that while he encouraged a ‘family spirit’, fire stations are still a workplace where the behaviour of the servicemen must ‘reflect our values and exemplify professionalism’.

Police fire and crime commissioner for Essex said the behaviour in the photos would be followed up with a ‘thorough and robust investigation’.

All work and no play. Am I right guys?