After its mass success on launch, Fallout 4 fans are getting another dose of the wasteland in the form of Robot Wars. Seriously.

Bethesda has released the trailer for the Automatron DLC, and it looks pretty dang cool. In the trailer we’re subjected to robots caving each other’s metallic faces in, and a few snaps of what looks to be a rather large mech-type boss.

The DLC centres on an antagonist known as the Mechanist, who has unleashed his horde of metal monsters unto the wastes.

New screenshots have been released to showcase some of the awesome stuff that’s in store for us. From building your own bot, to smashing the hell out of anything you encounter, it looks like Bethesda are kicking their year of DLC off with a bang. The building aspect looks to be another implication of the crafting system, and I imagine we’ll be saving up our metal parts and wires to craft something as awesome as seen below.

Check them out!


Menacing lighting? Check. Huge impractical guns? Check. Spikes everywhere? Check.


I’ve no idea what’s happening but I need it.


I dub thee Sir Sparky IV after your previous model was devoured by a Deathclaw.


You had something on your face… IT WAS PAIN.


Don’t let the flame fool you, he’s actually happy to see you… burning alive.

And if those images didn’t tantalize your wasteland taste buds, it’s only £7.99 and YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN ROBOT.

If you haven’t picked up Fallout 4 yet, then seriously, what are you doing with your life? Check out our review to get to grips with the bucket load of content that Bethesda has served up.

Stay tuned for the review of the Automatron soon folks!