First Year Problems #5

Trying new things

Hello and welcome to a (late) First Year Problems column. It seems getting into a uni routine, despite the fact I think I have one, is more difficult than it first appears to be.

However, that’s not what we’re talking about at all. In fact, we’re talking about trying new things which, at uni, is literally what the whole experience is about. Universities are melting pots of different sports, societies, socials, people and things to do. There is almost nothing you can’t do when you’re at university, and there’s something for everyone. It all just involves trying out new things.

One of the main things uni has been great for is making me (and so many others) actually try new things. Even if they don’t work out, it’s not even a big deal here. Everyone gets on with their life regardless of if they’ve had a minor setback or not – and it’s entirely wonderful.

Another thing about trying something new: don’t be afraid to try out new things with other people. Go out for a drink with your new friends, organise to meet the people on your course and get yourself out to the society socials you should be at. Just do it – the only thing stopping you at university is yourself.

Song of the week

I am not even sorry about this week’s song. There was only one it could be. And who even cares? Everyone loved HSM back in the day.