New gun control laws have been put in motion, weeks after Valentine’s Day’s mass shooting in Parkland Florida. The state’s House of Representatives passed a bill which raises the age to buy a gun to from 18 to 21, imposing a three-day waiting period on all gun sales.

The bill has now been passed onto the state governor.

17 people were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after a student, who was only 19, purchased an AR-15 legally and opened fire in the school. Since the shooting, survivors of the shooting have lobbied for stricter gun control.

State lawmakers debated for eight hours on Wednesday, before voting 67-50 in favour.

The age restriction will not cover rifles, which was supposed to be the entire point. But no, now totally isn’t the time to talk about gun laws.

The bill does not include assault-style weapons, however. Despite the fact it was a key demand of the students and the parents. The new legislation also allows the arming of some public school personnel, however, classroom teachers are exempt from this.

There is now a programme for school staff who do not teach, to be armed, subject to training and approval from the school district. The exemption of classroom teachers was deemed necessary for the bill to be passed.

The US national minimum to buy a handgun is already 21.

In the Florida state, you must now wait three days for the purchase of a handgun to be completed. However, a person as young as 18 can purchase a rifle with no waiting period. Does anyone else see anything wrong with that?