German refugees attacked in school

A series of schoolchildren are being investigated by police in Germany after a series of “far-right confrontations” with refugee classmates, the German media has reported.

News site The Local has reported that tension has grown at a high school near Leipzig in Saxony, with 13- and 14-year-old children attacking the refugees who have come to the school and are learning German as a third language.

The incident comes as one of a rising number of anti-refugee incidents across Germany. Many refugees have entered the country on the invitation of Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose welcoming actions towards the asylum seekers has won her worldwide praise (including TIME Magazine’s prestigious Person of the Year award) but heavy criticism within her own country.

However, the students in question at this particular school did not appear to share Ms Merkel’s largesse, spitting on and throwing stones at their refugee classmates. Several children had to be taken to hospital after being “shoved and crushed”, and police are investigating the attackers on suspicion of serious bodily harm.

Saxony Police said that official bodies were “unwilling to helplessly watch as a new generation of dim young nationalists grow up, just because their parents may tolerate or even encourage it.”