The newest promo for Ghostbusters has attracted over 647,600 dislikes on YouTube, compared with only around 22,800 likes.

Things aren’t looking good for the reboot, it would seem.

After the all-female cast was announced, many fans turned off straight away (because, y’know, institutionalised sexism).

The number of dislikes puts it 18th in YouTube’s list of most disliked videos.

Yes, that list is a real thing.

The cast features Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, and token hot guy Chris Hemsworth.

Director Paul Feig recently told The Guardian that disliking the film simply because it had a female cast was a ‘non-starter’.

The most disliked YouTube video ever is still Justin Bieber’s song Baby, which holds the crown at 6.05 million dislikes. Followed by Rebecca Black’s continually mocked single Friday.

Our hopes are with the movie. But if it sucks, no punches will be pulled.