Git Gud Scrub

How? How do they do it? Hacks? Mods?

So the last of the Dark Souls 3 DLC came out the other day, and already someone has beaten the game’s hardest boss taking zero damage, without dodging, and didn’t wear any armour.

Oh, and they were at soul level 1. Meaning they haven’t levelled up at all. Which is even more impressive considering they had to get to the boss at soul level zero.

YouTuber TolomeoR is responsible for this act of finesse, and managed to work out a jogging pace to avoid a giant dragon’s attacks and dark breath. He detailed his strategy in the description of the video, saying that it was pot luck that he managed to get it right, saying that some attacks are randomly triggered.

“…There are two main scenarios where RNG will kill you. The first is if he uses the back step into flying fire breath, however, this can be avoided SOMETIMES if he backs into the wall of the arena and doesn’t gain much distance on you.”

It’s good to see people coming up with new ways to beat bosses, however simple they may be.

And making me looks like trash at the same time.

Thanks for that.