With Year 13s approaching the end of their exams and slowly all turning 18 along the way, the only thing on anybody’s mind is how to properly celebrate the end of school. A popular party option is a night out in the UK’s party capital, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

While many Year 13s will have already been out to the toon, for those who haven’t, the thought of it may feel quite daunting. For one thing, there’s so much to be confused about: How much is entry fee? Do I need a coat? How many places should you go to?

The answers to all of these questions vary depending on the type of night you want to go on. If you want a stylish nightout where you can get some amazing pictures for your Instagram, you’ll have to plan differently than if you want live bands and a great atmosphere. Here are some of the types of nights out you can have in Newcastle:

The Boujee Night: Where? Madame Koo’s, Florita’s, House of Smith. 

If you love dressing up fancy and sipping posh martinis, you’ll be best suited to the diamond strip. Drinks can be quite pricey but the atmosphere in these places is electric.

(Madame Koo’s)

The Leave the House With £5, Go Home with £10 Night: Where? The Black Garter, The Clock, Butler’s. These are the cheapest pubs in the city and the friendliest. There’s probably nowhere else in the UK where you can buy a pint of Guinness for £1. Since these pubs are so cheap and slighlty oldy-worldy they get a bad repuation but you’re just as likely to get trouble in the Garter as you are in one of the posh ones.

(The Black Garter)

The 17 Year Old With A Fake ID Night: Illegitimate, Digital, Tup Tup Palace. If you don’t want to pay a fortune for drinks but want to be in a nightclub, these places are your best options. The dance music and chaos will make you lose track of time so don’t book a taxi until about 6am.

*DISCLAIMER: Here at b**p we don’t encourage underage drinking, but you’ll probably do it anyway*

(Tup Tup Palace)

The Just Won the Lottery Night: Where? The Botanist, The Alchemist, Tiger Hornsby. These are some of the priciest places in Newcastle. They’re relaxed yet classy and the surroundings are lavish. Expect to spend about £100 if you spend more than a few hours in any of these places. They’re a great starting point for a night out but not really budget friendly.

(The Botanist)

The Thrifty Night: Where? Revolution, Las Iguanas, The Mile Castle. These are the bars that usually have some sort of 2-4-1 deal or some other kind of offer that will save you a fortune. They’re very sociable and very reasonably priced if you choose the right deals.

(Drinks at Las Iguanas)