Season 3 of Adult Swim’s wacky, weird and wonderful cartoon Rick and Morty will be available through the UK Netflix as it airs in the US.

Rick and Morty started in December of 2013, and continued until 2015 with two seasons, the second ending on a cliffhanger, and subsequently, we waited two and a half years for the next season. The show follows the misadventures of Morty, a 14-year-old boy who isn’t the brightest boy in the world, and Rick, his grandfather/inventor/alcoholic/sociopath.

The show shocked many with its often horrifying humor. There’s an episode where Summer, Morty’s sister, is stuck inside a spaceship, and it does anything it can to keep her safe. A lot of people die in that episode.

It’s such a good show and we’re so glad it’s getting another 10 episodes.

At a live event, Justin Roiland revealed there may even be a Season 4, then admitted a PR guy was probably losing his mind as he said that.

The episodes will start airing this Sunday, until October 8th.


I love this show.