Hamilton Takes F1

After a rough start earlier in the year, Lewis Hamilton has been crowned the 2017 champion for Formula One. This will be the driver’s fourth title, despite finishing ninth, the lead he had on the other drivers was enough to secure him a place on the podium.

Max Verstappen, the other would-be champion, took the lead after an aggressive start, racing ahead of Hamilton’s rival Sebastian Vettel, on the outside of the first corner. There was contact, causing Vettel to get a nose change and Hamilton had to get a tire change. In a weird turn of events, the two champion challengers were in second last and last place.

Hamilton spoke about his win, saying ‘it doesn’t feel real. It was a horrible way to [get the title] to be honest, but what could I do?’

Hamilton signing his fourth win. Literally. Look at his hand.

Hamilton has become the first driver to win a world championship after being lapped since 1976, which was done by James Hunt. While the race didn’t go perfectly, Hamilton has secured his title, for the fourth year in a row. He will now join Vettel and Frenchman Alain Prost on four world titles.

Statistically, Hamilton is the best driver Briton has ever had. Another title next year?