Brooklyn citizen Nick Johnson has, less than a month since the game’s release, caught all the Pokémon currently available to him, apart from legendaries and the region-locked creatures.

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He is the first person to have caught the 142 Pokémon available to him in Nintendo’s unintentional fitness app, Pokémon Go. Johnson revealed he wanted to now explore the world in search of the other region-locked Pokémon.

Nick Johnson is probably the last person you’d expect to be playing Pokémon Go. With a very recent start-up company, and as a recently published author, one would expect his evenings to be spent pouring over analytics and emails, but nope.

After six thirty every evening, he took to the streets of the Big Apple to find as many Pokémon as he could, with his average walk being eight miles. Every night. For two weeks. He caught, in those walks, 4,269 Pokémon, hatched 303 eggs, and walked 153 kilometres total.

Johnson gave some tips on how to best go about catching them all. (I had to squeeze that pun in somewhere.)

His first words of advice were buying decent walking shoes. You’ll be walking a lot in this game, so it’s probably best to dress for comfort and the appropriate weather.


Secondly, if you’re going to hatch eggs, which are measured in km, walk in a straight line. The servers in Pokémon Go measure the distance traveled periodically, and calculate how far you’ve walked in a straight line from where you were to where you are.


He also stressed that if you want to level up quickly, focus on the more common Pokémon, like Pidgey or Weedle, as they only cost a few Candies to evolve (only 12-25 every evolution).


Importantly, if you’re going to spend money, then spend it on incubators to hatch eggs, as these will gain you more Pokémon, and you never know what you might get.

So there we have it – some decent tips from the world’s first (almost) Pokémon champion.

Hats off, my friend!

And all this time, my rarest catch has this pathetic excuse for a Pokémon:


Even says it in the description. I wasn’t just being mean.