Here We Go

You ever get the sense that ratings for a show aren’t doing so well? But then something magical happens that could potentially boost your viewership by 10000%. Well, that’s basically what’s just happened.

In case you’ve been living in an underground bunker, secluded from the horrors of the world, Kim Kardashian-West has confirmed (sort of), that she and her husband Kanye, are expecting a new baby.

The new trailer for the next season sees Kim saying to her sister, Khloe, say ‘we’re having a baby’.

The trailer didn’t address their reported pregnancies, however.

Kim will be having the baby through a surrogate, after talking about her problems when trying to conceive. Okay, this bit we won’t take the mick out of because that must be a bad time. Oh well. In June it was rumoured that she would have a surrogate due to health complications with the celebrity’s first two pregnancies.

Numerous reports have said in the past week that Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner were also pregnant for the first time. The women and their representatives made no move to confirm or deny these reports.

Well, there’s your obligatory fluff piece about the Kardashians for this month. Can I talk about games now?