Just three months after its unveiling, the world’s first vending machines for the homeless has been axed, after officials claim the concept is ‘misguided’. People sleeping rough would be able to get fresh food, water and even clothes from the device 24 hours a day.

The machine, invented by Action hunger, was unveiled last year in December in Nottingham at the Intu Shopping Centre in Broadmarsh. This week, however, Nottingham City Council confirmed the £10,000 machine had been removed after the shopping centre officials said it was ‘unworkable’.

The charity, who only managed to sign around 70 people to the scheme, was hoping for at least 100 people to sign on.

It was intended for other machines like this to pop up around the country, however, that idea may be axed also.

Labour councillor, Toby Neal said:

‘There is no evidence that it helps and may distract people from finding long-term solutions. Our view is that this is a well-meaning but misguided and ill-informed attempt to address complex problems faced by people with accommodation and health issues.’

Not only helping the homeless, but it was a way to reduce food waste too. Fresh fruit was taken from redistribution organisations who are attempting to reduce food waste, while other items are bought with donations.

A shame it has to be shut down, but there could be some truth in what Mr Neal said. This is just a temporary solution, for many who have nowhere else to go. Still, doesn’t make sense to shut he thing down.

Why not work on a solution whilst running with this machine?