The majority of sane people will be absolutely repulsed by spiders. Even the thought of those pesky eight-legged arachnids is enough to make you want to get on the next available rocket and go live on the moon.

But believe it or not, there are ways to stop spiders even entering your home at all, which is handy if the thought of spiders makes your skin crawl. Here are some handy ways to help ensure that you never have to see a spider in your house again:

1- Buy spider repellent. Many DIY stores sell pesticides that should keep insects well away from your house. These are usually sprayed around doors and windows.

2- Seal all holes or cracks in walls or windows with caulk. Spiders can squeeze into very small gaps, so make sure that nothing is left unfilled.

3- Clean your house regularly. Don’t leave left-over food or crumbs anywhere as this will attract ants and flies, which will consequently attract a spider or two.

4- Cover vents with a mosquito net or other insect net. This way, no insects can enter through the vents.

5- Get rid of any plants, bushes or general shrubs that are close to your house. Spiders love using vegetation as a place to sleep or make nests and it can be easy for them to wander into your house.

6- Try to keep outdoor lights off, and use blinds to stop any indoor light being visible from the outside. Many insects are attracted to lights, and insects are a spider’s prey. A spider will see lights and assume that there’s food nearby.

7- Natural remedies. Believe or not, horse chestnuts are toxic to spiders and so they won’t go anywhere near them. Placing a few horse chestnuts around your house can have real benefits in terms of deterring spiders.