Insensitive and Inappropriate

Residents have classified a survey asking them how important the Grenfell Tower incident was, as ‘crass and offensive’. The questionnaire sent out by a Kensington branch of the Conservative Party asked for people views on the fire that took over 79 lives.

Labour MP David Lammy described the survey as ‘deeply troubling’. There has been no comment from the Tory group as of yet, but people are livid.

Grenfell Tower began burning early morning of 14th June.

The leaflet sought to ask what issues residents would want to see raised in the 2018 local elections and was sent to households in the Courtfield ward, quite a wealthy neighbourhood in Kensington.

The questionnaire is also available online and asks people ‘how important to you and your family’ was the tragedy and a number of other issues. Residents believe the Tory group should issue an apology for being so insensitive. A Twitter user called Luke Francis lives near the Tower and posted an image of the question, which went on to be retweeted 4,000 times.

He said ‘It went viral. It’s been seen more than half a million times now. Everyone was equally staggered that anyone could be so crass and insensitive. It’s just phenomenal.’

There is still an investigation into why the Tower caught fire in the first place, however many have placed blame on poor fire code training and the landlord failing to make the building fireproof, or as fireproof as possible.
We’ll update if something comes out from this.