It’s a yes from Aus

Another historic day another picture of a crowd bearing a huge rainbow banner. This time it’s Australia who have made the historic vote in approving same-sex marriage. Better late then never,  eh?

After a tense 3 month campaign, during which numerous homophobic incidents were reported, from people having rocks thrown through their window to anti-same sex marriage material used by the opposition, members of the LGBTI community and their supporters can rejoice.

As Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the results,  he said the reform showed Australians had ‘spoken in their millions and they have voted overwhelmingly yes for marriage equality’. LGBTI celebrations in major cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane took place in the usual vibrant and colourful way.

What’s slightly disappointing, however, is the fact that it was only won by a 61.6% percent majority. Albeit a victory in favour of love, acceptance and compassion, it still leaves a significant amount of opposition to marriage equality. Ireland’s historic vote back in 2015 reflected a similar attitude on gay marriage, showing that there’s significant resistance no matter what country you live in.

Regardless of this, let’s just be happy in the face of ignorance in this monumental step for the LGBTI community.