So far, every DC movie has been over two hours long. Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition came in at about three hours, with Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman coming in at about two hours and twenty minutes. It has now been revealed that Justice League will be the shortest DC movie yet, coming in at about an hour and forty minutes.

This was ordered by CEO of Warner, Kevin Tsujihara. The filmmakers disagreed according to the Wall Street Journal, but due to a ‘mandate’, it was required that the new film come under two hours.

Ben Affleck began playing Batman in 2016, with a standalone movie coming in the next year or so.

The site also stated that the studio was actively seeking a film that had a lighter tone than previous movies, before Wonder Woman. Batman v Superman was a slog and so was Suicide Squad, so maybe a shorter runtime might help.

Former creative director for Marvel, Joss Whedon, took over for reshoots when Zack Snyder left a few months ago, due to the sudden suicide of his daughter. These reshoots were done to ‘lighten the films tone’ according to Dr Silas Stone actor Joe Morton.

The reshoots were to make the film a little bit lighter. Something DC has had to do before with Suicide Squad.

Justice League hits theatres in less than two weeks, coming out on the 17th of this month.

We’ll have to see how it holds up. But If it means 45 minutes less I have to sit in the cinema I’m calling that a win.