Of Katy Perry and Nuns


Remember ages ago when we did an article about Katy Perry and some nuns? Well, she won. A settlement was made, after Katy Perry’s initial offer of $14.5m in 2015. The two nuns who used to live there objected to the purchase, given some of the content of Katy Perry’s videos and music.

You know, like the time she Kissed A Girl and when she strapped whipped cream shooters to her chest. Remember that?

Honestly, I can see why sisters Rita and Rose wouldn’t want Katy Perry to have the convent. But it’s a bit of a farce now innit? All that effort for nothing really.

The nuns rejected Katy Perry’s massive offer and instead sold it to one Dana Hollister without the approval of the archdiocese (the bishop responsible for the building).

Last month, it was found that Hollister intentionally interfered with Perry’s plans to purchase the convent. Hollister made the purchase in co-operation with Sisters Rita Callanan and Catherine Rose Holzman.

Remember when shoulder was risqué?

In contrast to Katy Perry’s massive multi-million dollar purchase, Hollister paid just $44,000, with an agreement to pay a further $9.9 million after three years.

The businesswoman should have known, the court ruled, that her purchase was invalid, and she was ordered to pay $3.47 million to the archdiocese and Bird Nest LLC, Katy Perry’s company, $1.57 million.

The singer now hopes to be able to complete her purchase of the convent which includes an agreement to ‘provide an alternative property house of prayer’ worth approximately $4.5 million.


Glad that all got sorted.