Las Vegas Dims the Lights

Out of respect for the 59 people who lost their lives a week ago in the deadliest shooting in US history, Las Vegas has dimmed its lights. The normally shining and flashing lights of the strip had been turned off for 11 minutes.

According to account Gun Deaths, on Twitter, Las Vegas was the 273rd mass shooting in the US in 2017.

Flowers and candles have been placed around the opening sign for the city.

The people of Las Vegas shared in their solidarity on social media, using the tag #VegasSTRONG. 400 people were injured and 59 people lost their lives after a person acting alone, opened fire on a crowd of 22,000 who were at a festival. We aren’t going to say his name. He doesn’t deserve that privilege.

Police found more than 10 rifles in the man’s hotel room where he opened fire from.

And they say this isn’t the time to discuss gun legislation.